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Hey, just wanted to say Hi.
I finally posted my recipes and Flavor Stash as Public and I would appreciate any and all positive and negative comments about what I’m making. My juice always seems kinda Blah and flavorless even though I’ve tried making stand-alones (usually at about 17-20%) I really like the desserty creamy tastes that I get from Store bought juice and I can’t seem to get it right at home.I have lots of failures floating around for the last 6 weeks that I hope will steep into something that is at least vapeable. So If you don’t have anything else to do and have some advice, or yummy recipes that I can make that I didn’t find when I “searched by flavor stash…” Fire Away!!! :smile:

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Not just an intro but a request for assistance/advice.


haha! I like to cover my bases!

It depends on the ratio of PG and VG you use.
Desserts and creams take 2+ weeks to blossom ( from my understanding)
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@nroutz Mixing can be easy but reading is hard. Best advice for “What can I make” is proper entry of your flavors. The concept is that there is a database created when anyone lists one of their flavors …including you. I think there’s like 100,000 at this point. Once your flavors are entered the “What can I make” feature matches your listed flavors with everyone else’s recipes.

If you incorrectly entered your flavors you will get zero results. So best advice is learn how to use the tools which make this process easy, which include your “Stash” and the “Calculator” and how to capture recipes you see that you like (“Adapt” on the Little Blue Wrench). The best feature are the multiple Search tools which answer most questions. Check out this

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You could try lowering your percentage cause too much can also mute the flavour. Look at the flavour list and see how much the average percentage is for the flavours you have.
Store bought juice has a ton of Sucralose in it so that might also play a part.
I just looked at your recipes and dang, you do use a lot of cream! Less is really more and too much cream does mute everything else. FA Dark Bean Espresso at 8% is really way too much. FA flavours are really strong and this one even more so. Most people use this at 1 or 2%

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Welcome and glad you joined.
Currently working with FA Tiramisu and tasted it at 2% standalone/single. Lots of possibilities for this flavor.

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