Hi Peeps. I'm new here and to DIY. These are my flavors. Any Suggestions?

I made one so far that was good. 7% guava 18% Island Punch (Guava Punch Bowl LOL)

TFA - Vanilla Cupcake
TFA - Mocha
TFA - Graham Cracker
LA - Cinnamon Roll Flavoring
TFA - Island Punch
LA - Guava Flavoring
LA - Peach Flavoring
LA - Bubble Gum Flavoring
TFA - Sweetener (Flavoring)
Vienna Cream by FlavourArt
Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed by FlavourArt
Condensed Milk by FlavourArt

You could start by going to your stash page on the Ejuice recipes page found here


Add your flavours into your stash and hit the “what can I make” button it will then give you some options.

However though a good starting base for DIY is to get to know your flavourings and which % that they shine from.

Some flavourings only need <1% to shine others require >10% in order to shine.