Hicks Orange Tik Taks

Hi real noob question,the reason i got into DIY was to make said recipe so i have all the bits and pieces but want to make it taste stronger,somebody said to up the flavouring by 100% but cant for the life of me figure out how,maths not being my strong point, just trying 30ml first because i know i’m gonna screw it up,any help please
sorry if i posted in wrong place

Just double each % :smile:

Ingredient %
Anise (FA) 0.6
Mad-Mix (Mad Fruit) (Red Bull) (FA) 3
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 0.6
Mandarin (FA) 2
Orange (FA) 6
Peppermint (FA) 0.6

I really suggest that you try the original first - I don’t think it would be particularly good with double percentages… Orange (FA) has a harsh throat hit as it is…


i will take your advice and try the original first,do i need to steep or can i vape straight away?oh and thanks a lot

I read that fruits don’t need to steep as long. But I think vanilla does. But I am a noob myself. Just chiming in to see what the gurus say.

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Most of HIC’s stuff you can “shake and vape” - this one is one of those :smile:


I seriously need to get the flavors to try this recipe. It was one of the very first that I favorited and I’ve never tried it. :frowning:

If you’re thinking you need it stronger because those percentages just look too low to you, don’t. FA flavors are pretty concentrated. There aren’t many of them that I use over 2% because they’ll knock your socks off. Good luck!

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There are those that say HIC’s % are too low - I think they’re OK got me though :smile:

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If FA Orange is anything like the Cap Juicy Orange or Flavorah’s orange citrus, 6% would absolutely kill me. I’m guessing the % you posted are the doubled ones. I could see using the doubled % on some of the others like vanilla, mad mix, and MAYBE anise and peppermint. Not so much the Orange and Mandarin. Either way, you can always add more right? :wink:

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thanks for all the advice i will let you know what happens :grin:

soooooo made two 10ml bottles today one normal one double one and all i can taste,smell is vanilla,its on my clothes,in my hair its bloody everywhere,so anybody got any recipes for the flavours i have left but without VANILLA :sunglasses: