Hidden science behind normal and accelerated e-Liquid steeping

Love this! I am fascinated by the science behind things and when put into layman’s terms that I can follow, can open up the door to knowledge. Great post @UncleJoe!

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Very interesting read. I may have to do more experimenting too.

Something I did do that is interesting and ties into the theory of adding flavors later in the process.
I mixed up a 240ml batch of my Vanilla custard that I love. My process is basically to combine ingredients
with the weighing method, then use a milk frother, leave cap off in dark cabinet for a couple of days,
then cap on and leave it sit for a month or so, shaking it up a every day.

Anyhow, after it sat for over a month, I love it. But, I notice it gets better and better too. So, it’s not 'done’
and one day, I decided to take about 10ml into a clean bottle and add some strawberry flavor. I just
frothed it once and vaped. Wow. It was really really good. Better than any Strawberry custards I had
mixed up before from scratch.


Of course not everyone’s taste/smell is the same so some may not find any loss of flavor, which smell is a big part of. I usually measure out the VG i need and heat it up before mixing, this works well in a couple ways. The brief that i am mixing the extra heat with speed up the evaporation of the heavy alcohol flavorings, which i use very few. It also speeds up curing time, once i am finished i put the bottle in the USC for just a bit to jigglate the mixture and since it is already warm a quick shake after is all it takes, then on the shelf it goes.


Alisa nice to hear of success with the Strawberry Custard.

I have always believed that there are abundant epicurean e-liquid opportunities awaiting discovery.
This thread was intended to spark a conversation, I appreciate everybody’s contribution.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Thomas A. Edison - Referring to his attempts at making a light bulb.


Great information Uncle Joe. As a newb, (37 days cig free), you have made me rethink so much about what I have read in regards to accelerated steeping. This now opens a whole can of worms in regards to with what I make my investment. I’m researching the components to build a magnetic stirrer hotplate. Do I abandon this for a frother? A mixer? Heat? No heat? In closing I want to say thank you to all on this forum. The wealth of knowledge you all have so kindly given is incredible. I am proud to be a small part of it


Hi John,
37 nice smoke free days keep it going.
Accelerated steeping can cause both desirable and undesirable effects.
If I were starting to DIY I would
a) Find a good source of Nicotine without a harsh peppery taste
b) Buy a few premixed concentrates that take your fancy
c) Steep some of your new creations in the bottle lid off and try them over a couple of weeks
You now have some cheap vapable e-liquid that you know works
Frothing or blending is relatively cheap and effective so can be a good place to start accelerating
A warm bath is also cheap or free to set up.
Heated ultrasonic baths would be next.

My point is that you should start your accelerated steeping experiments from a known good mix
then you will know if your chosen steeping method has improved the juice or buggered it up.

Many people give up DIY because they don’t nail a vapable juice early on in there journey


I’ve been using recipes from here. I just choose flavors that both I and my lady like and search out a tried and proven recipe from here. Of the 5 batches I have made, each is a home run. Thanks to the talent on this forum. There is no bout a doubt it that I have traded one addiction for another. I am about to start ordering components to build a magnetic stirrer hotplate. Actually you are of the reason I am doing this. I read a post that you downloaded a picture of your lab. I have doubt now as to whether or not go ahead with the build.


Hi John,
Your attitude seems to be the same as mine
"In at the deep end"
"Suck it and see"
If this is the case, please ignore all my sensible suggestions, build your stirrer and have fun.
Don’t forget Borosilicate Beakers, Digital Scales…etc.

On the first day I decided to DIY e-Liquid I bought 80 flavours, 1500ml Nicotine and 2000ml each of PG and VG

I watched this the other day and found the results interesting.


Thanks Uncle Joe. My digital scale arrived Saturday. The beakers are in transit. I only purchased 40 bottles of flavors. Quite frankly, failure is not an option. Awesome people, such as yourself are here with solutions to any issue I may have. Im all in and enjoying every minute.


Thanks Shaner,
Good video, combining these methods gives us a steeping tool kit to work with.
Some methods when used together is quick succession are more effective than when used alone.
This makes sense with energy input methods as the liquid has not recovered resting state before being bombarded again.
The more we understand the better we will be able to tailor our methods to suit different liquids


Yes, it was a good video. The only thing I kept wondering is just how he could distinguish between the flavor when he did nothing to neutralize the flavor in the mouth before going on to the next. Seems to me this should have been practiced for a truer test. I’m sure a couple of them were obviously not ready but #4 and #5 seemed so close that the truer taste would be needed. My opinion of course…

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He’s using a small clearo, the amount of flavouring he gets in his mouth and nose is neglible.

You don’t need to leave the lid off if you don’t want to… once you put it up to steep leave the lid off the first day…after that leave it capped but once a day take the lid off and squeeze the liquid to the top of the bottle and release…this will replace the air that’s in the bottle…replace the cap and shake…then leave it until the next day this is a process known and streathing…I have been diy’ing for 8 years now and never had a problem with my liquids using this method…


How many days do you repeat the streathing process?

like @SpxInvader said put it to steep I would say depending on the mix in my take 3 to 5 to 14 days some mixes take a while longer

repeat the process for seven days or a week after that just let it sit. Some fruit mixes and Max VG take 3 to 5 days, if you have more than two flavors in fruits leave it for a week, if you have bakery stuff like muffin, bread or cake stuff let it sit for two to three weeks depending on how many flavors you used, if you use over four or five flavors to make a bakery liquid let it steep three weeks, if you have heavy stuff like custards it takes a month, sometimes things come into peak flavor before the steep is over but this is a good rule of thumb to follow. Always test your liquids every two to three days just to check on it and if you like where its at and if it tastes good to you then Vape Happy!! Make notes on how long it takes to steep your liquids and remember that liquids made in summer might steep faster that liquids made in winter because of the temperature differences. Never let anyone tell you there is a fast way to steep because there is not. Time is the only way to do it. Check out Big Lou East Coast reviews, https://youtu.be/zB0vLSEhjTs . This Guy has been there and done that!! I check my liquids by vaping a few drops on a single coil atty, The proof is in the puff my friend. Welcome to DIY and if you’re recipes turn out great you have a responsibility to Vape it Forward by posting it here so the rest of us can try it out.


The hardest part of DIY for me was learning the patients to let my mixes develop… especially when you have so few mixes to work with. Over time when you have a nice stash you will develop a system of what to make and when… so patience is no longer an issue because you have something peaking every few days or at least 1 or 2 every week. That’s when you can really develop high quality mixes, because you have mastered your flavors and there is no rush to get them done. I’ve been DIYing for 8 months and I have 12 solid batches that I developed and mastered. I still have several others that I vape that’s not my own creation, but it’s satisfying to know you have something good to vape. Now I can take my time and not worry about steep times. I don’t do shake and vapes anymore. I rarely even taste a mix under a two week steep.


holy paragraph
I can sum it up in one word



Awesome info. I’m so happy to be a new member of such a sharing forum. You guys are the best. Hands down.