Hide Single Flavor Recipes Glitch?

Hi @daath I noticed when I click on the Hide Single Flavor Recipes check box that it does not do anything anymore. I tried on different browsers on my comp and phone with no success. Anyone else having this issue or are my usual gremlins messing with me? :smiling_imp:

I just used it on the “what can I make” and it worked properly.

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Thanks. Yes, I just tried it under the What Can I Make page and it worked…so it looks like it doesn’t work on the main page…at least for me at least.

I went to the main page checked the “hide single flavor recipe” left the search field blank and hit search and it worked for me

hmmm…then I guess I do have gremlins lol. Thank you for testing.

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Nah, not Gremlins, just Cooties @MisterSinner:wink:


Every time I hear the word cooties I think of the little rascals :laughing:


I know this is a year old but just thought I’d chime in that Hide Single Flavor Recipes stopped working for me several months ago. Doesn’t matter what browser I use or where I click.