Higgy Cigs

For those of you that don’t know HiggyCigs is an eliquid manufacturer. They are pretty much DIYers. @authormichellehughes correct me if I am wrong (please).

They do a show once a week also. They are pretty cool people they even sent me some ejuice once upon a time. Anywho, I got an email from them today that impressed me.

HiggyCigs is one of those evil online companies that doesn’t care about T21, regulations, or advocacy, right?

If you are currently a customer of HiggyCigs.com, you know that we have been utilizing ID checks for years. We have never felt that our status as an online company exempts us from the rules. For example, we have stayed strictly in line with the FDA’s Deeming Regs and never released salts, as we did not have them available before August 8, 2016. It did cost us business, but we held the line.

We have maintained our membership with GSFA and VTA, and are ACTIVELY involved in advocacy.

We will make no exception for T21. Our age notice and routine has been updated to reflect 21. We will not approve consumers under 21 years of age. All FIVE existing accounts under the age of 21 (we never did market to children) have been configured to allow them access only to HiggyBean.com, our DBA’s coffee site. These customers have been individually notified, and provided coffee discounts. On their 21st birthdays these valid consumers will be emailed discount coupons, their account access to HiggyCigs.com restored, and welcomed back with open arms!

HiggyCigs will continue to advocate and abide by reasonable regulations, as long as we can stay in business legally! HiggyCigs has always stood for Tobacco Harm Reduction, and we are not stopping now. We will NEVER kowtow to offering smoking products, regardless of the cost to us! We are fighting for YOU and your freedom from smoking!

David Higginbotham
HiggyCigs, LLC


They own their own ejuice company too but Jenn is a DIY’er too and they even offer one shots now and will help anyone anytime on this subject (they also make great coffee higgy bean) David was kind enough to drive from Georgia to go to my advocacy meeting. I seriously love these two people more than life and would do anything for them.


Higgy Cigs has one shots on their website and pg.vg.nicotine base pre-mixed for anyone interested This is a list to their DIY One shots https://www.higgycigs.com/hccart/index.php?route=product/category&path=130_131 For their Higgy nic base https://www.higgycigs.com/hccart/index.php?route=product/product&path=130_132&product_id=361 I have used both the shots and the nic/vg/pg base both were AWESOME

There are WAY to many for me to list individually but some of my favorites are Nilla Please, Peanut Butter Buster, Pegasus Tears Their one shots start out at $2.25 for 10 mls. They do a redbox flavor as well.