Higher Nic levels

I’ve got a question about recipes and nicotine levels.
It seems that I use a higher mg/ml level nicotine than a lot of users. My question is ; If I use a higher mg/ml of nicotine in a mix than X recipe calls for, will it effect the flavor of the finished mix?
If so, how would I adjust the flavor amounts so it would duplicate the flavor of the original recipe?
Does that make any sense? I’m not sure how to word it exactly.

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What nic level are you at and what are you vaping on?

I’m currently at 16 mg nic (down from 20). I’m vaping sub-ohm on an Atlantis 2 tank with a .3 ohm coil at 70 watt. My mod is an eleaf ipower 80

Gotcha. My personal opinion is it doesn’t make a big difference. You might want to stay away from flavors with more throat hit if that bothers you (since the high nic obviously will give more th), but unless you were vaping on something like a mtl tank with high ohm’s and low watts where you’re not getting a lot of vapor, you should be good to just leave flavor %s the same.

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Thanks VM ! I’ve been fretting about this for a couple weeks :grinning:

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No problem!

A good way to tell would be to mix up a couple small batchs of your favorte recipe. One with Nic and one without. Let it sit for a day or two and compare them.

The key word is it shouldn’t for you if that is what you are used to. If it is older nic (been sitting around and has degrade) it may. But you ideally shouldn’t notice.

I am not sure you using the right terminology here and I hate to be pedantic but I dont want someone to read that and think that vaping 16% nic is a safe number. 16% nic is 160 mg/ml which would kill you if you are talking 16% when you use 100mg nic that is 16 mg and quite acceptable. I just wanted to clarify it for someone else who may stumble on this thread.

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I don’t wanna be a dick or a pedantic or anything else that can be seen as negative with my post.

But when i read that line i get this uneasy feeling. If a newborn vaper reads that as it should be read it indicates that you are vaping on 160mg nic liquid right now and that you went down from 200mg nic. i Know that isn’t so because if it would be so we wouldn’t be able to have a conversation about it right now. I mean death and all would interfere with us doing that.

Could we please for the sake of it and for the safety of others use mg or mg/ml instead which means you have been vaping on a 16mg nic liquid and you went down from a 20mg nic liquid.


Anyone reading this woftam and Fenrir1 are absolutely correct!
It should read 16 MG , NOT 16% !!
Actually I am going to edit my earlier post to read that. I don’t want anyone dying because I screwed up.
THANKS woftam and Fenrir1 for pointing out what was a bad rookie mistake


Wow and here I am thinking “surely 16℅ is quite excessive no?” … Then I carried on reading. Thank God I did XD