Highlight flavors I have/don't have in recipes

Hey guys,

Quick suggestion that would save me time/help with purchasing flavors.

Is there any way you can have an option to highlight flavors I have (in green? and flavors that I don’t have (in red)?

Main purpose of this:

I’m trying to re-stock flavors and also find flavors that I’d like to buy for future recipes. I filter ALL recipes by rating, so I can see some of the top recipes on the site. I find one, but to find out which specific flavor I DO NOT have, I have to click on each flavor in another tab to make sure which one isn’t in my stash. Would it be doable to highlight these, or perhaps even add an icon next to them to differentiate between the two?

A picture is worth a thousand words?


Eh, that’s weird. I suppose I should start inputting the prices on each bottle.

Thank you very much! Beautiful Paint skills!


Hi - I’d second that. I keep looking at recipes & it’s a chore to have to check each ingredient to see whether you have it or not…