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Hip flask bottles needed


Ok so i am chasing some fancy bottles i am sick of round ones i just think they wast so much room in your pocket when your dripping. I am looking for something sort of shaped like a hip flask. I have done some searching on ali Express, h gate ect with not much luck ( not sure i am using the right bottle lingo in the search) i did find one vendor but they only had 30ml bottles i need something a little larger say 60ml or 100ml. Any links or help would be great cheers.


What about a tottle with a clip? (no tottle isn’t a typo)


Or possibly something more like this?


It puts the lotion on it’s skin or it gets the hose again.


Thats funny , I just watched that the other night , it was my GFs first time seeing it


60ml or larger? That takes me quite a few days to go through that size. Do you travel a lot and have to be away from home? Just curious.


Yep thats the type of bottle i am looking for @Mark_Turner i am sure i could get a dripper cap for them.

Nope not a great deal l just mix in 60ml 100ml bottles mostly. If i am testing a recipe i do a 30ml then if i still like it i do a 60ml or 100ml


Oh here we go this is what i am looking for


Hmm that largest size looks like it might hold up to some Remy Martin VSOP :smirk:


…and yeah those smaller ones look perfect (smart~!) …hmm maybe a US Vendor should pick up some of those (he said to @Nicotine_River and @BullCityFlavors) Great find @Benoz!



Thanks i have a few of these there not bad but i am looking for something a little different.


I will never order anything from Fast Tech again I am still waiting for some squonk bottles that I ordered in September the order was lost and the reorder still has not been delivered still waiting


Something like this?



Yer there the go but didn’t have shipping to Australia so i have asked them to add Australia to there web site




@fidalgo_vapes The FIRST time is the BEST time …


This place always has weird off the wall stuff. Sometimes it’s stuff you need, but sometimes it’s fun to check out weird stuff… :rofl:

Some useful? .NET equipment Ive seen also. Distillers and seperator vials.


Well i got some i emailed ibottles and said i was a eliquide manufacturer and they sent me samples for free i have to say they a awsome and i have to feel my pocket twice to make sure that i have my bottle in my pocket this is a pick of a 60ml bottle i fits perfectly into my top pocket, super squeezeyyy, child proof cap and the 100ml is around the same size as my smart phone imo its the perfect eliquide bottle.


Woo Hoo :raised_hands:
Nice :+1:


This is the perfect bottle, because I think its best for storage, selling on shelves, and storing in pockets/compartements. WHoever came up with “gorilla bottles”, yeah they are decent instead of those tiny mouth bottles but the devil to take the lip off and they are made of a mix of concrete and bendable steel to squeeze.