Hmmmm, could I have a reaction to a flavour?

Ok, so I mixed up Luke’s yellow matter custard as I finally had most of the flavours. I had to sub the Holy Vanilla with INW Shisha Vanilla and used .20 Sweetener (SC) (WF) instead of Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA).

The only “new” flavours to me in the recipe are INW Custard and FW Yellowcake. I have recently SFT’d the Custard and have no problems with it, but have not SFT’d the Yellowcake as the notes said not to bother.

I have had the Yellow Matter steeping since July 8th so far, and have tried it twice in the last couple of days in 2 different RTA’s with a similar build and wattage that works for my other custards.

The issue I am having is that the mix does not taste custardy at all to me, not even a note of it. Also, and more what I am curious about, if I keep vaping it for longer than around 10 to 12 puffs, my tongue feels numb and the top of it feels inflamed, almost like when you drink coffee that is way too hot.

Any ideas on if I may have an issue with either Yellowcake or a combination of the flavours? It really is a horrible sensation, but is only happening in this particular mix.


@Ianc13 that’s a weird one, and if you’re getting an inflamed tongue or numbing, sounds like NOT vaping it is advised, hehe.

Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye -- lukeloop

Ingredient %
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1.00
Custard (INAWERA) 2.00
Custard Premium (FA) 3.00
Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) (Discontinued) 1.20
Sweet Cream (CAP) 2.00
Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA) 0.80
Yellow Cake (FW) 2.00

Flavor total: 12%

Remember to rate it at!

Beause you said you’ve already SFT’d the INW Custard, that somewhat rules that out, and that does leave the FW Yellow Cake. Do you dare SFT that to see ?

For some reason my guts saying either the FW YC, or the LA CCI, but I don’t know if you’ve tested, or used the latter before or not.


I have used the CCI in mixes but not for a while. I would remember if that was a problem. The Yellowcake and the sweetener are the only 2 I have not used before, but at .20 I wouldn’t think the sweetener would cause anything… The bottle is labelled (Strong) but that may be from the rebottler…


I would stop vaping it (but i wouldn’t throw it away; just put it on steeping for couple of months). Meanwhile i would want to find the reason (not knowing what it is will just complicate your mixing later; psychologically too when mixing these two flavors, not just due to actual annoyance).

So make 2 more mixes of this recipe by using another yellow cake/sweetener in each; ideally you will find out what’s causing the problem. Totally blind shooting here, but beside these two new flavors it might also be too much Premium for your tolerance (so if you won’t find the reason in those 2 flavors, then reduce or remove premium in your next mix). I liked a lot this recipe and it didn’t cause any issues to me (but i used YC JF and sweetness / and shisha van as well).


I would mix two small bottles one of FW Yellow Cake and one with just the sweetener (both without nicotine) at your usual VG/PG ratio to nail the culprit. If nothing happens then you’ll know that you’re barking up the wrong tree. Also worth considering is your coils and how you cleaned your tanks and bottles last just in case there’s any remnants left behind of something.


Yep, have done that, and have not thrown it away just put in back of cupboard.

I have the sweetener used in the OG and a couple of other Cotton Candy ones I can try. I do not have any other yellow cake though.

It’s only 3% in this mix and I solo it at 7% and have it in other mixes at 4 to 5% so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I may have to find some JF YC or WF Philadelphia Butter Cake to try insted of the WF YC.


Thanks for the suggestion, would I mix them at the strength used in the recipe? I only did the sweetener at .20%.


Give YMC at least 2 months-it’s s steeper and WAY better after just 2 weeks. That liquid will melt in your mouth after 60 days. I promise. I thought the same thing. It tasted like cake and frosting at first. Put it away and picked it up later, it was a whole other liquid.


I know that the YMC recipe is one of the most popular custard recipes out there. Hopefully it’s okay if I post this, I would never want to step on any toes. But, you are more than welcome to try this recipe. Seeing as you have Custard Connoisseur up there in your name, give this one a whirl. (if you want that is ) :slight_smile:

Caps New York Cheesecake 3%
FW Butterscotch 3%
Caps French Vanilla V2 1% ( I have made it with V1 before but didn’t like it as much)
TFA Caramel 1%
FA Custard 1.5%
INW Custard 1.5%
FA Vanilla Bourbon 1%
FW Yellow Cake 0.5 % ( I have done it with JF YC too and I couldn’t tell a difference)
TFA Dulce de Leche 0.5% ( done it with other brands and really no difference)
FLV Cream…1 drop per 10ml

Try and resist the urge to add sweetener. I truly feel it does not need it with the caramel and butterscotch in there.

It is much creamier after sitting a few weeks, but I vape it right after mixing too!

If you decide to try it let me know what you think. I always appreciate feedback.


That might be the best way to start your test. Just mix each one in little 5 or 10ml bottles and see if anything happens. Try testing them individually with at least a few hours in between each one just in case you have a delayed reaction then you will know for certain which one caused it.


Sell it in another town


Nice looking recipe @Deb50. There are a few ingredients I don’t have but will see if I can source them in my next order.

Easy to resist as I do not usually use sweetener anyway.

Yes, that is most certainly my flavour profile of choice. :grinning:


Sorry I couldn’t find the part of the thread i was at for asking where I went wrong on the tweaks to the recipe? I know all those flavors should work together except…n I don’t wanna think it. Mabye the baker’s touch (LB) God I love that concentrate.