Hmmmmm aromanizer rdta

So I got the new rdta washed it in boiling water,coils in wicks in then vaped it…a horrible taste came from it I assumed it must be me not cleaning it enough so several more times I cleaned it.still I got this rubbery kind of taste.changed coils wicks tried multiple different types,different juices but still a rubbery taste.Cleaned again and again still bad.the smell goes right down to the I took it apart I smelt every part for the smell.has anyone ever had a problem similar.I’m starting to think its the insulator on the 510 pin ?

I had an RTA that was really hard to clean - I kept getting machine oil taste… This is rubber, not machine oil?

Give it a 24hour soak in alcohol (VODKA etc) remove any o-rings and soapy water wash the shit out of them.

Rinse the entire RTA in soapy water, rinse and allow to dry.

Then put a build on it.

Don’t forget to remove post screws as they can harbour machine oil too.

If you have any IPA, isopropyl alcohol, then this cleaning can be cut down to just a few hours.

I do this with every device I buy including my BILLOW V2.

Not to sure if it is an oily or rubbery taste tbh,I’ve cleaned it maybe 6 to 7 times but will try a n alchol soak cheers for the advice

Just a quick up date.
I couldn’t get rid of the rubbery taste no matter what I did.I soaked it in vodka then noticed marking on the outside of the tank on the s s.sent them a picture of this.before that they had sent me pictures of what o ring could be giving me this rubbery taste so I took it out vaped and was still I asked them for a new one or my money back.they have agreed to send a new one as I want this tank to work.they have also told me others have complained of the same problem

Also I just want to find out what is the exact problem.
Most of users love it, but I receive 2 complaints of rubber taste, so should somewhere wrong.

I can’t fault there customer service and am hoping the new one they send me is better…

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