Hohm Wrecker G2

Not sure if we have a dedicated thread.

I gots questions. I know there are bits and pieces in other threads. And google. And YouTube. But just seeing what works for you.

When in XXX mode you can adjust your FSK Temp Curve. I assume you disable your Auto + TC?

Do you set your temp and watts before or after setting you Curve? I’m lost. Again.


Hohmtech Hohmtech wrecker g2 and Hohmtech slice thread links

G2 hohm wrecker links
Firmware and manual - http://hohmtech.com/product/hohm-wrecker-g2/

G2 intro video - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0yz3KurgJWc

Slice links
Firmware and manual - http://hohmtech.com/product/hohm-slice/
Slice intro video - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FHf6cj5b72c

Hohmtech YouTube channel

Good Hohmtech fsk chip videos worth the watch make sure you watch both Phil Busardo videos as Ben from Hohmtech comes in and answers/helps with some of the issues Phil had in the review watch in order the title of the last one is a bit odd it was an April fool’s joke.
Phil’s review - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tDS-jO8c_zU
Hohmtech response - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M76MfuDPIDc
Phil’s response w/ Ben - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aLkFd-UY5fo

Check out the Hohmtech channel for other interesting information

G2 chip on its own to upgrade a g1 or build your own perhaps - http://thecloudyvapor.com/product/hohm-tech-g2-fsk-chip/

Ok I’m new to this mod, good idea about dedicated thread. I’ve done as much video watching on this mod with Ben from Hohmtech as you can do. I will get the links to sticky up top. He has his own videos but also with Phil Busardo.

Ok, set up your watts and temp as you would like them. Then just slowly work up the curve till it kicks in and voila.

The curve is like a dial. Each build (it’s described in manual) has its intricacies. Hot spots, purity, etc… And the curve is like a dial that’s adjusts for each individual build. Some will like 10 some 20, etc. I work up in 10 % for specific wire types. Kanthal and nicr, but for xXx mode the range is for all metals so is a very wide field I go up in 2.5 till I hit the spot. That will help, just start low and work up slowly.

Let me get some links together, I’ll pm you and you can put them in your first post if you don’t mind.

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Yes I turned everything auto off then in XXX mode set your watts and Temp then go into the curve start low and work your way up till you get the warmth you like


I’m not going to bash on Phil like people do Rip, but there is no way I’m sitting through one of his 5 hour videos. I got shit to do. I know he is respected and highly thought of, but he is one long winded guy.


I just play them on my iPad in the background like a podcast while I do more productive things. Did you see my post on the curve.

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Sweet! This mesh looks ugly as homemade sin but damn it’s delicious.

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Yep! Thanks!

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Rip bash. He is hard to have in the background damn YouTube autoplay.

Whilst you can use the curve to control warmth I do not. I use the temp setting easier to access. Each to their own of course I use the curve to dial 210°c to what I think is 210° for example. I find the closest point to just after no action is normally pretty good. However in saying that if I’m too close sometimes I have to up the curve again if I let the coil cool down from initial dial in.

I’ve also found with say the kanthal & nicr mode I end just 100% with no action. If that occurs I switch over to xXx with no problems. I’m guessing those two modes are fine tunes of xXx which with my rudimentary coil builds don’t fit into their parameters. Mind you it might also have something to do with the fact ive only used my single coil Ammits on it so far and stock Kanger and aspire coils. They might play better with dual coil setups which are next on the to do list.

The other experimui am going to try is a mixed coil SS core nicr wrap, only because it’s the only two wires I have left and I’m hankering to wrap a Clapton. Let’s see if this bad boy can TC that weird mix.

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Well I tested my coil in watts mode 1st so once you Know what the watts are ( for me 35w ) then set the Temp ( for me 420f ) then set the curve ( start low and work up ) :smile:


They say you can do just about any build in XXX mode But once you go 316L SS Mesh coil you may never go back to anything else


Can you go wickless, i.e. For flavour testing and just drip directly I assume it’ll hold a few drops on its own enough to not dry burn.

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Yes you can test with out cotton The mesh coil holds more liquid than a fused clapton and I have been testing flavors with fused claptons with out cotton for a long time. Now keep in mind my mesh coil has 5 layers of mesh

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This is a good video to get people started with the G2


Also @mjag has a really good post on the ( Mesh as a coil not as a wick ) thread I would like to see him post it here ( a lot of GOOD info )


Hey @Pro_Vapes or anyone else who’s loved the DNA mods. The Hohm Wrecker is a serious TC mod without a doubt. I have just scratched the surface having vaped only 316L fused claptons. But the TC is AWESOME right out of the box. No setting a preheat or anything, just set temp and watts. Killer!

And I need to say thanks to @Rob62, @ozo and ??? was it @Sprkslfly ? I appreciate you recommending this mod.


Which one? Top or bottom…


I think the 171w have the update



I think members @Lostmarbles as well as @Whiterose0818 as one of the first to start singing the praises of the Hohm Wrecker , it was their reviews that got me to pick up my first one that I have since gifted to a friend.
They are very good mods and like yourself I was amazed at the power , the G2 works really well.I enjoyed the vape experience as it rivaled my DNA200/75 devices.
I only have a small issue with them , one is the square boxy shape.I use box mods often but for some reason the Hohm Wrecker just doesn’t work well in my hands.the small radius of the edges just bother me unfortunately . I don’t know why but they just don’t fit my hands like a Alpine or Hammond box , I wish they did as they are a great mod.The Blem G2 was a bargain at the price I paid.
I hope this doesn’t sound like I am slamming the mod because it is a very nice device!


I am thinking about getting a Slice :+1:


I got the one on the top. From what I could tell the only difference was a little aethetic difference and a few more wattage output. I’ve yet to find a need for more than 125w on any build running TC so I went cheapest. Can’t say more than that.

I have big hands so that’s not an issue for me. But what I think (and I told Hohm Tech this in an email too) is they need to improve their overall box design. Right now my favorite mod I own to hold and look at is the Lost Vape Triade. It feels ever so good in the hand and looks awesome too. I think this company has likely perfected the vape circuit board and suspect there’s not another mod on the market that can best it. So if they combine that with a pleasant box encasement…look out.


I have thought about that as well , the reviews I have seen have been good.