Honest question about nicotine storage

Guys, honest question here… and I’m willing to bite the bullet if I (proverbially) “stepped in it”…

I bought a 1/4 liter of 36 mcg 100% VG nicotine about three months ago, I haven’t opened it, seal is still intact, but I store this stuff in my basement.

So, about the storage area… the basement is dark (most of the time), the lighting is fluorescent, not incandescent (I have heard that type of lighting makes all the difference - but please, if I’m wrong, let me know) - and the temperature never gets above 73 degrees down there.

I opened the nicotine last night and mixed a I <3 Taffy clone I’ve been working on, and I’m not sure whether it’s the Juicy Peach or the Nicotine that really has a harsh taste. We’ll put it this way, I was coughing so hard I threw out my back (not fun), and now I’m trying to figure out if I need to get another batch of nicotine.

I know most of you guys store your nicotine in the freezer (I just don’t have another freezer to do this is, the Mrs doesn’t want it in the kitchen freezer either), but does the storage area I have sound like it could be a problem?

There’s no ego here guys… lay into me if you need to, I’m just a little confused.


IMO , it shouldn’t have caused any problems.I have used nicotine that has been out longer.I store mine in the freezer but keep a 120ml bottle out for mixing.I have had some out for four months with no problems also stored in the basement but… I do keep mine in a dark closet?
I would try it with another flavor and see if it is still harsh.


Your storage area does not sound like an issue.

How does it smell? It’s been a while since I sniffed my 100mg nicotine, but the smell should be very mild, maybe a bit odd / indescribable, but not bad or peppery.

How clear is it? The nic I get is crystal clear, like water.


Before I knew better, I stored my nicotine on top of my fridge. I had some from MFS that I stored like that for quite a long time and it didn’t ever seem to be an issue. It got pretty warm up there too. Now, I don’t recommend doing that, but it sounds to me like you’ve got something else going on than just the nic. Normally, I would say this is a bad idea, but in this case I’d let the juice breathe a bit to see if its just the flavor that is harsh or if it really is the nic. And of course, if you really wanna know if it is the nic, do an unflavored mix.

Did you make sure to shake the ever lovin’ beejezus out of the nic before you mixed with it? Could be a hot spot and it is stronger than you intended.

Also, careful with sniffing 100mg nic. Nic is volatile and could potentially be pretty concentrated even in the air in the bottle. Not likely to cause a problem, but better safe than sorry.

Hope you figure out what’s up! Sucks that you got a bad one. Just don’t tell the FDA or they’ll start saying that vaping causes back pain. :wink:


I have a hard time with peach and have to let batches sit for a while unless it’s like a drop or 2. My bet is it’s the peach. As for the Nicotine how is the color of it ? I don’t think anything is wrong with your storage sounds fine. Obviously shaking it well and not smelling it off the bottle are in order but if you let your batch sit open to air for 24 hours and then shake it up and test it , it will help if it’s the peach. I just bought my second titration kit from ECX their’s is super easy and cheap and while it’s annoying you have to wait til you get it some ppl say you can buy these ingredients from a pool supply store IDK about that but it’s possible if you have one in your area… http://www.ecigexpress.com/shop/mixing-tools-safety/testing-kits.html better safe than sorry or sick. I hope it turns out to be just the peach.

Bromothymol Blue
Sulfuric Acid .1N


If your nic is very yellow there is an issue.

It should be clear and have a mild tobacco / burnt smell??? (Only way I can describe it)

Your storage sounds ok, I keep mine in a kitchen cupboard and it only starts to discolour when the bottle is almost finished.


Its the sure-fire way to know if your nic is the problem. If you taste pepper, it’s off.

…Well, doing this put my mind to rest, anyhow… I didnt know whether it was the juice or the nic …& I didnt want to mix, & waste more juice to find out. An unflavored 5ml test at my usual nic dose sorted it once & for all. (It was the nic!)

I’m not familliar with anything peach, so I cant comment on that, but I dont believe storage is your problem.

I wish you speedy solutions!


Sounds like you have zero steep time for this mix. I’d suggest letting this steep a bit and test it in a few days to see if the harshness subsides.


nicotine test kit is cheap at ECX was its cap juicy peach ??? i make a gravel pit clone for a friend and that what i use instead of yellow peach bc he likes it , but it seems to be a bit harsh

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Of course you meant mg…not mcg, and it’s only 36mg strength in 100% VG base.

It should be weak at almost any rate, so I doubt your harshness is the nic, and your storage sounds fine, especially it being un-opened until recent use.

I am no ‘peach’ expert, and don’t use but one [White Peach (FA)] because it’s a pretty harsh flavoring, and I have had the best luck with WP(FA).

The biggest problem with most tasting is the lack of aging. I swear by the method …mix, bottle, label w/date, throw in storage, fuggettaboutit…for AT LEAST a month.

Not seeing the recipe, no one can fully evaluate what you have, and I hope your back is better soon.

This DIY thing is not in alignment with the ‘microwave world’…for best results…you CAN’T have it now. One must be patient, Grasshopper.
My advice to all is mix, mix, mix…then age, age, age, then vape, vape, vape…and NEVER forget to keep mixing on schedule to keep the stock built up in the aging closet.

No more coughing, or I will have to turn you into the CDC, so you can be in their statistics against vaping. :smile_cat:


oh I hear you bubba… I was trying out what was considered a “shake and vape”… but it was more like a “shake, and cough, and gasp and collapse then scream and curse and find one of my wife’s vicodin and lie down and whimper like a baby for a few hours…”

The recipe was a simple Salt Water Taffy (FW) with Juicy Peach, both at 5% of a 60mg tester bottle, nothing terribly fancy or out of the ordinary.

But I do agree, 90% of my mixes are a 4 week or more steep… I’m just running low right now, my new job has me all tied up and I haven’t been able to do as much as I have wanted to.


Do state your method of shaking your nic prior to dividing or mixing.

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I transfer the nicotine in a condiment bottle (so I don’t have to expose the whole stash), I cover the tip and shake it brisky for about three minutes continually.

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But do you shake the bejeesus out of it before transfer?

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Absolutely… I use a paint can shaker/mixer for the original container


First off how old is the Juicy Peach? Is it PG (pretty sure it is but got to ask) What ratio did you mix to? What other flavors did you use? I’m on my second bottle of juicy peach it arrived last month, the first one was purchased in October of last year. I can’t tell the difference between them I made two batches of the same juice old JP in one and new JP in the other. I get my Nicotine in 60 ml bottles (100mg) and when they reach 1/4 full I don’t even put them bac in the fridge. Does your bottle of Nic have a DOB on it or an expiration date on it?

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He said it was 36 mg nic so sniffing a little shouldn’t be an issue, I know a couple of people that used to vape 36


[quote=“ozo, post:10, topic:88967”]
No more coughing, or I will have to turn you into the CDC, so you can be in their statistics against vaping. :smile_cat:
[/quote]Hey be nice throwing your back out is worse than missing the nail head and hitting your fingernail full force with the hammer. He needs a good massage and a little time to relax.


When I do it which is rare I shake with one arm violently till it falls off then the other after the arms are shot I use my feet. then and only then maybe I’ll taste it. But usually not without an hour in the UC.

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Ya, I’m sure…so you can get the toe jam off the bottles…bwahahaha