Horizontal Vs Vertical Coils?

So I keep seeing a lot about vertical coils having better flavor and airflow compared to horizontal. The main issue I keep seeing talked about, also, with vertical, is the upper portion of wicking seems to dry out and roast fairly quickly… I am just curious what you all think. What is your preferences and why?

For me the Horizontal is easier to make and install and I like the fact that I can see both ends of my cotton. I have used verticals ,especially in the Aromamizer , that worked great but they are a pain for me to replace the cotton.I do think they can help with airflow as they don’t block as much but it really is a preference thing.Both have good points.
I think part of my personal feeling towards vertical coils is it reminds me of the genesis tanks and like @Kinnikinnick my left eye starts to twitch!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sort of unrelated question (related in the fact I would need to do vertical to fit it…)…, I noticed the issue of no room for the screws when using thicker coils… Would replacing the M2.5 3mm with 2.5mm work better? I have some twisted 22g Ti coils made up that I just can’t fit because I can’t get the tank back on with the screws sticking out so far… :confused:

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Horizontal for me. 2 tails wicking instead of one is a no brainer for me. I need all the wicking I can get.


You don’t want to do that unless it’s a single coil setup. Your ohms will be too low. If you twist Ti, try 28g or better.

I’m sure those coils are huge.


Yea I was just going to do one for bout .08ohm…
Decided to try my serial dual with the Ti instead. 4 wraps on each section steam says .14ish? probably :slight_smile:

Like the others have noted above, two tails’ wicking will always win over one tail hanging down. That said, I did a lot of verticals when I still used my KFL+ (remember the good ol times? :relieved:). Wrapping the wick around the coil and hanging the rest down the side of the deck was really efficient for wicking, better than horizontal with 2 tails - but a big PITA to change.

I get confused easily when people say things like horizontal coils have better flavour or verticals have better flavour - per se. That’s the problem: it depends on your atty and what you’re looking for in performance. For instance, a vertical coil with wicking around it and airflow passing through its middle will have a condensed vape - if you like that, then it’s better than a horizontal. If we’re talking about side airflow, there can’t be any difference between horizontal vs. vertical, except for wicking capabilities and there, the horizontal will win.

My 2 cents, your milage may vary