Horror Story Time: Vaping God's Creatures

I’ll keep it short. This is a true story

I have bought things in bulk, including cobalt and amber bottles. At one time, I was pouring PG and VG out of the five gallon containers into 500ml cobalt bottles because it’s easier to mix that way. ]
Due to some really bad circumstances, about 3 years ago, I had to move in with a friend. This guy’s house makes Sanford and Son’s look like a museum. In fact, it’s like a cross between Sanford and Son’s and the Munsters. It was a living nightmare. You have never seen such a cobweb covered sh*t-hole as this place but I didn’t have a choice at the time.
So, it takes me quite a long time to get through 500ml of PG. I had moved out of there and into a nice place after about a year. My 500ml bottle of PG got lower and lower. I started thinking, “this tastes strange”
I started having thoughts (this is a coincidence) that I was worried that a spider would crawl into my drip tip at night. The reason I would think this is that that horrible place I lived had spiders everywhere. Species of spiders I have never seen and haven’t been able to identify to this day. I don’t think I can do justice to try to describe how nasty this place was. I actually had potato bugs and slugs in my room!

Anyway, the 500ml is getting lower still, and all of my juice tastes bad or off.
Finally I get to the last few ml, pour it into my graduated cylinder, and I’m sure you can guess what was in it. That whole time I was vaping. It was a big sucker too.


You just invented a whole new PG steep approach :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it is time to update all your older recipes and add the secret ingredient then :smiley:


I vaped a mosquito once. Just once. If you ever need that throat-gagging black pepper note, then I got just the trick fam!


I understand “Secret ingredients”… but this might be getting a bit too far…:joy::rofl::joy:


Love the title, but spiders are not one of God’s creatures, they are the spawn of Lucifer himself lol


Clearly, this sounds like a good reason to be using clear bottles!


Do you have to steep them alive or can they be dead too? It is autumn so the perfect time to collect them to build a stash to last me the winter.
I can see this play well with tobacco. :yum: :spider:

Maybe @Benoz can use it to get rid of the sweetness in his favourite tobacco juice :grin:


About 2 months ago I made 120 ml of strawberry cheesecake in a nice glass dripper bottle for a friend’s birthday. About a week later he came to work and told me this aweful story.

He was drunk having fun the night before. He filled up his tank but forgot to put the dripper back on. The next day when he woke up he had a roach in his bottle. Had to toss 75ish mls of e juice. So I made him some more and put it in a 60 ml unicorn bottle. That was so gross.

I guess it was attracted to the sweet amora


I’ve found a couple ants in my rdas before. They’re attracted to the vg and can’t resist. Can’t remember if I vaped em or not. I’m sure it’s happened before.

No spiders in my juice, yet. I’d probably pee myself if that happened.

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How did it get in the bottle, because I’m picturing a big spider crawling into a bottle without a cap on it. If it didn’t have a cap it was going to start tasting different anyway. Are you sure it wasn’t in the bottle already.

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