Hot?! Not Enough! Giveaway is Coming

Hi, everybody,

Hot, Hot, Hot!
This is giveaway from, please share.
Prize, new collection:
IJOY RDTA 5S, the sixth generation model in the RDTA line and implements an innovative Central Fill design.
Click to get more: IJOY RDTA 5S, login to get it just for $17.99


  1. what’s the unique feature of RDTA 5S? Comment to us.
  2. which new product on you like best? Paste the link here.


We will pick one by on 12th, July.

Colorful Summer, Colorful RDTA 5s!
Have fun everyone.

I’m so sorry that because we had a vacation, we announce the winner delayed.
Today,I pick up the winner from 40 replies!
The winner of giveaway is BoDarc! Congratulation!

Please pay attention to, we will have more big promotion in the future.
Thank you guys!
Have a nice day!


The unique & innovative central fill design :+1:

This seems very nice :ok_hand:


Thks @Mark_Turner, you stole my answers. hehe
What’s the unique feature of RDTA 5S?
The unique & innovative central fill design
Which new product on you like best?


I like the new color selection of the IJOY RDTA 5S
And like everyone else, I think this looks interesting

I’m really liking the bottom airflow design of this RDTA. The center post for filling is a nice touch as well, but having the option of which airflow to use is most appealing to me. Thanks!

It’s not exactly new, but I’m really liking the ThinkVape Finder DNA167.

Like it’s been said several times already; it must be the central fill design that makes it unique, but the colors are great as well.

I’ll go with this good looking thing:

As the others have said the central fill design.

I’m gonna go with this one just for the fun of it.

Like everyone said it has an innovative center fill capability and looks awesome too! I really like vaporesso products this might be a future purchase!

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I am also liking the looks of this, but am curious to the removable bottle! Will it retain old flavor? Are there extra or separate ones for sale? What kind of material the tank/bottle is made from?

  1. Really digging the look of it. Looks nothing like my classic.

2.really really want one of these!

Thinking the same thing on that mod! I like the green one.

A push and lock body section which protects the glass and makes wicking easier. Like the color choices as well.

All black looks sharp!

What’s new is the bottom glass is not fully exposed like previous models

What’s good on Sony VTC 6 batteries at half price

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Edit* My apologies - I did not realize that AndyCollins was EFun top. I thought this was a regular thread about sales & promotions. Thank you @daath & @Noresman for correcting me. :sweat: