Hot rice bath too hot?

I whipped together a batch of juice last night and this morning I gave it a hot rice bath in hopes of giving it a quick steeping… I stepped out for a few minutes and when I came back my juice was pretty warm… when I tried it a few minutes ago, it was plain/flavorless… is it possible that the hot rice bath was too hot and muted the flavor?

I use a hot rice bath 100% of the time when mixing my juices and my mixes come out very punchy. The rice is typically at the temp of me being able to sink my finger to the bottom of the bowl and not make me howl in pain. I repeat the bath process 2 or three times with milk frother whizzings in between.

Perhaps an extreme heat can zap flavor and reduce Nic levels? I’ve heard this can happen, thus I keep the heat factor low.

I did the exact thing with my very first mix. Two things: if it’s uncovered I believe the flavors are evaporating. Secondly if it’s to hot the juice is cooking and something happens to the chemistry. When I remade the mix and just warmed it, the juice was delicious. I’m told that rule of thumb is 110°and no higher. Lab warmers heat chemicals to 100° so the science is there. I just can’t explain it.