How can I create a no nicotine recipe?

As Nicotine seems harder to buy now I thought id try a no nicotine recipe.

However when I used the calculator, whether I leave the Nicotine fiels blank, or try to put a “0” in the PG & VG of the Nicotine fields it seems to put 100 in as a default & I cant seem to get rid of it.

Any tips?


Hey Martin

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On the create a recipe page all you need to to is put a 0 in the desired strength box.


Hope that helps you out.



Doesn’t work for me. Ive just done what you say but underneath if I put zero in PG, it puts 100 in VG field & vice versa.

It works on Steam-Engine, just not this sites calculator.

it wont remove the nic fields from sight but it will calculate the recipe fo 0 nicotine the pg vg will do that because that is the way it is designed

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If you click User at the top right of the recipe page you can set some defaults like nic content, preferred PG/VG ratio, etc. That might help a bit.

The sum of the PG and VG fields has to equal 100 just because that’s the way those fields are setup. It’s error protection basically. As long as your Desired Strength is 0 like @woftam said it will be a zero nic recipe.

Ok, I will try that next time.

Thanks for quick & polite replies guys appreciate it.

That’s correct but @woftam speak for the desired strength box which is the first one :wink: