How can i make stronger concentrate?

my e-liquid is low concentrate how can i make it strange concentrate ?

If you are using the calculator, simply increase the percentage of flavor in your recipe. The calculator will automatically adjust everything accordingly.

Single flavor mix is fairly straight forward. For multiple main flavor mixes, you might want to look over your notes on single flavor evaluations and add to that flavor(s) you want to accent. How much to add in percentages, can depend on concentration/strength etc.of the flavor(s).

should i use oil base flavour ?

why not i think Malaysia use it and more strange flavor

i need to make like a Malaysia Vapor any body know / please told me

You can try. I hear that some guys use aroma oil like e-liqid aroma.
but there is no safety data, unlike flavorings for food (TPA/BF etc.)

Ok let me put it another way. It’s advised you don’t vape anything oil based or atleast try and avoid it.