How can I save my own liquid?

So I followed a recipe that told me to use 6% strawberry and 4% black licorice… And I must be honest it taste like ass xD I can smell the strawberry but not taste it so I don’t know if I should let it steep for a few more days or maybe add some more strawberry ?
I’ve also thought about maybe splitting the liquid into two and add base so it wont be as strong but I don’t have another bottle.
I just wanna do my best so I don’t end up going back to buying the premixed liquids :slight_smile:

What brand Strawberry and Black Licorice did you use? How many days has it been steeping? Seems to me that the balance is somewhat off between those two flavors, but just adding more strawberry won’t cut it imho. The best would be if you could go with your own suggestion and cut in half then dilute with base. Do you have anything else to vape if you have to wait to buy another bottle?


It’s been steeping for a week and a few days. I guess I’ll just buy some more bottles :slight_smile: Hopefully It’ll help

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In theory it still could be in for a change, but if it’s very strong after a week I don’t think it’s very likely. You are going to need some more bottles no matter how this one is turning out, so you might as well take the opportunity :slight_smile: Depending on the brand you’ve used I would start with the strawberry and add licorice low to start with. Then you can add to taste instead of diluting. Next time that is. Good luck!


Yeah. Split in Two may work. But as mentioned…which brands? But yes black licorice or anise can be very very strong.

I know I mix with anise FA and I think I only use 0.25-0.5%. Somewhere in that neighborhood and I think the recpie called for cap at 2%.

I know that the strawberry is by Pink Lips but I can’t remember the licorice :slight_smile:
I’ve split it in half and added a little more strawberry. Since I’m from Denmark I absolutely LOVE strong and salty licorice but somehow I don’t really think it works in e liquid. I think maybe it’s because the flavors aren’t as ‘salty’ as I’m used to :blush: Maybe it’s a danish thing with the salty licorice.

Try adding an equal amount of VG first and then add 2% distilled water.

After that, you can put 2% Marshmallow in there to Sweeten it or add 6% Capella Vanilla Custard…
But you may have to dump that one.