How cool is your local vape shop?

This is how cool my local vape shop is. This work shown below is done by Jeremy of Fluid Motion Grafix in Terre Haute Indiana. And Jeremy’s work is being promoted by my favorite vape shop - Valley Vapor in Terre Haute also. This stuff is way cool! The pictures do not do these mods justice.

The first one is a custom built Mech Mod…

This next one is a DNA 200 Tugboat just like the one I just bought…

So if any of you want a one of a kind mod, this stuff is way cool! I am buying another Tugboat to have this done. I just have to pick out a pattern :wink:


sweet, how much they charge to do that ?

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I think like $50. You can see his work on Facebook. Look up Fluid Motion Grafix. There is a video of the Tugboat.

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Pretty cool. Granted, I do like plain black on black mod and black crown tank.

If by cool you mean “lets try to rape everyone that comes in here”, my local vape shop is Arthur Fonzarelli.


I have two different local vape shops in my area Planet Vapor and Mad Vapes.

Planet Vapor is very expensive and everything in their store is grossly overpriced. I stopped going there when they doubled their prices on their juice simply because they switched to glass bottles from plastic. Seems like they only hire teenagers that know everything about everything (know it all types). Last time I went in there I purchased a 60ml bottle of 80/20 juice and because they already had a 60/40 juice already made of the flavor I purchased, the teen behind the counter gave me that and lied to me stating it was 80/20 because he did not want to make another bottle of my preferred ratio. I now order all of my hardware online at half the prices and make my own juice.

Mad Vapes is a better option for pricing because they don’t gouge their customers as bad but I find that their staff is somewhat snobby.

Oppss. I just responded to the pics. I have some pretty nice vape shops that I recommend. Sure they have to price due to being a brick and motor. Hawaiian vapor makes some great juice that got me permanently off cigs, fat boy vaper offers some pretty good customer service (even when asking a dumb dumb newbie questions that we not well received by any other vape shop I visited )

Douche-baggery seems to be a common theme with some vape shop employees and vapers in general. Makes us ex-smoker types who find vaping to be a somewhat safer alternative look bad. I know more than a few vape shop employees who never smoked but picked up nic free vaping. They always somehow know more about vaping than whoever they’re talking to. Nothing wrong with zero nic, but if you’re not trying to kick ciggys to the curb, it’s completely unnecessary to put anything other than air into your lungs.

Well, my vape shop is cool as a Cucumber vape. Yeah, their prices are high compared to Long Duck Dong’s Chinese Warehouse Emporium. But I don’t mind at all since I can go there and see the item first hand. I buy all my mods from these guys at Valley Vapor. Because I know if I have a problem… Joe, Steve or Wafi will take good care of me. So I don’t bitch and moan because of their high prices. The operating cost of a small vape shop in the states is probably more than it costs to lease warehousing space in China. And so far, I have had to return 2 mods. I would have had to go through a bunch of crap to return them if I bought them from China.

But I created this topic more to find out if any other vape shops out there are doing things outside the norm, like promoting outside business to enhance the vaping experience. Not why your vape shop isn’t cool. So let’s re-rail this locomotive and get back on track.

When I buy my second Tugboat DNA200 next week, Joe is going to strip it down for me. It will get dipped, then he is going to put it back together. When I asked him how much he was going to charge me to disassemble and rebuild, the answer was “oh, I’ll do it for free”. It will be as if I bought a one of a kind mod right off the shelf. I love my vape shop :wink: Surely other vape shops out there (especially ones in Cali) are doing some cool custom work?

Im pretty sick of all the vape shops in my city. Bunch of kids who cant remember a face and ask me every time…What kind of flavors do you like? and Why didnt you buy that from us? Um because fuck off. This is part of the reason im starting d.i.y.