How do I add to my shopping list?

Hey guys, I see there’s a shopping list but I can’t decipher how to actually put in the flavors into the list? Am I just dumb or what. I’ve clicked every single thing on the site for about an hour now. If anyone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated

After you click on a flavor link there is a link in the upper right corner to “Add to shopping cart”.

Ohhhhhh. Ya have to select the flavor 1st lol. Tyvm. I would have thought ya could just type in the flavor you want in the list, but ya have to take a couple extra steps 1st. Appreciate the help very much, literally spent an hour trying to figure it out lol.

You can add from the Flavor List, Your Flavor Stash or directly from any recipe by clicking the flavor you want to add.


That will be possible as well - I just have to implement it :slightly_smiling:

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That will be so nice.

But you know it will happen:
People will add TFA Vienna Cream to their shopping list and spend months trying to find it :wink: