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How do i get milky creamy


Hello Im just wondering if someone can help me I love milky creamy velvety kinda puffy taste (vape)in bakery recipes I tried few recipes but its just not there The flavors are somehow muted Im vapin on M2 mesh coils They awesome on commercial e liquid prolly because they loaded with sugar What creams i should use at what percentage Lets say i want to make creamy hazelnut cookie?Any help appreciated I know this topic was probably covered but i can’t find anything


These two are really good. I use the VG version of the OOO Milky Undertone. Add a little Marshmallow for fluffiness.


Marshmallow at 0.5-1% depending on brand

Keep searching and asking, you’ll find the answers!


Have you let them steep, the creamy goodness can take a month + to fully come out depending on the recipe.


What @Plunderdrum said , to add a bit silky / sweet to the base use Cap Sweet Cream so

Fa Marshmallow .5 to .75
RFSC milk 1


Thank you guys I do steep but not for month lol 3 weeks My juice flavor vas ok but no wow effect I will try the ooo flavour if i can find it I will try fidalgo base but have no idea what RFSC milk is Thanks all for help


Company: Real Flavors
SC: Super concentrate


I think you will be OK without the RF milk instead use a heavier cream . By the way you are right about store bought juice having a higher percentage of sweetener , for a lot of us the flavors contain enough BC we have been mixing for multiple years .


LOL Thanks but I was just helping you out with her question, Actually I think their condense milk works great


I pressed the flag accidentally not sure if it did something but if it did Im sorry I will check online stores and see what i can get


Actually i was thinking about condense milk I like the creamy sweet flavor I can munch on it just on its own Lol Is it going to taste the same in recipes?


To me the condensed milk gives the flavor of a heaver and slightly sweeter milk vape, but its all subjective.


Years ha I stopped smoking 2 months a go thanx to ecigs Mixing for month Got lots to learn Also the vapers tongue is pain in the bug I keep experiencing it a lot Can’t taste the flavor


Sound good to me will try it as well )


That message was meant for her lol , But yes you are absolutely correct … RFSC Condensed milk would be great. Thats a Flavor I always forget about , great recommendation


Congrats im happy for you , Your taste will come back in time , ive been lucky not to get vapors tounge I do get tired of a recipe but can always taste it… Just keep on trying , although this isnt rocket science it does take patience …


Oh my I just got a great idea for a rice milk recipe ty…


say it with me, OoO


This is a good idea to try for vapors tongue.
I just have a strong menthol lemon vape, occasional puff on it helps alot.


This frequently indicates that you are mixing a/the flavors too strong (and your taste buds go into overload and shut down [become desensitized to the flavor] as a result).

Not saying this is always the case, but it’s something to check. :wink: There’s also the very strong possibility that since you’ve only recently quit smoking, your taste buds are still adjusting.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum!


Your probably right I think it maybe the leftover commercial juices im vaping on After few vapes they completely changing into difrent flavors leaving kinda sour taste in my mouth Or maybe ye its because i stopped smoking recently