How do I incorporate Saline 0.9% into my calculator?

I just ordered some Saline 0.9% Solution today to try out in a few of my mixes for a little more moisture. I’ve read that not only does it add a wetter mouth feel to juices but it also helps out with sinus dryness issues. My husband and I both have a lot of trouble with our sinuses so I thought it was worth trying to see how it would work for us.
I am not exactly sure how I input the saline into my calculator. I have the Liquix Calculator app on my cell phone that I have used since I started mixing. I like it and I am comfortable using it. I am just not 100% sure if I should put the Saline in under my flavorings and make the specs 100% h20 for it then on my recipe set the wanted h20 %… ?.. Any and all help is as always greatly appreciated… Thank you all in advance for your time and guidance…


I enter as a flavor
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I do too, as a flavour, my wife has got the same problem, on an average, depends on the recipe, @ 1%


Liquix is a nice calculator. I used it for 2 years before switching. It’s a shame the developers abandoned it. If you ever want to do a backup of your recipe data give me a holler. It took me a minute but I figured it out. They didn’t build that option into it, unfortunately.


I haven’t even tried any other calculators honestly. My husband was the one who started mixing and the liquix was the calculator he downloaded and showed me how to use when he showed me the basics that he knew when I started. I just took it and ran like the wind with the mixing. It’s simple and to be totally honest I panic at the thought of inputting ALL of my flavors into another calculator lol… Do you use the ELR calculator soley now? Or do you have a secondary one that you use without having to get on your computer?

I use a program (aptly) named DIY Juice Calculator. I loved Liquix but it did not do inventory tracking or cost averaging like this one does.

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Awesome, thank you I may have to check that out.