How do i mix Vanillan?

I know that it should be 10% powder by weight i think ,but say i am making a 15 ml bottle, how much powder do i use by weight ? I was thinking about just pouring a10 ml equiv of powder , then add 90% Pg. Am i correct ?

15mgs x .10 = 1.5mgs powder… 10%
15mgs x .90 = 13.5mgs pg/vg… 90%

This is mixing by actual weight. Mixing by specific gravity will be a slightly different equation.


Oh oh ok Thank you.

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Might need a little alcohol to dissolve (?) Is there an existing thread on this? How’d it go mixing with straight VG? …just saying commercial vanillin is probably 40% alcohol …not sure why, but 2% 100 proof vodka might help or some grain alcohol (1%?) …spitballing here. Where’s @ozo when ya need him?

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