How do I set up a stash?

Hey guys, How do I actually make a stash of all my concentrates so I can use the “what can I make function”? I have a list of concentrates and would love to see what ideas could come from this list of mine.
( I may take some time to reply as im going to bed now lol)

I posted this a few days ago about properly naming your flavors to help keep your stash neat and in order. When adding flavors make sure to use this format for a lot more results.


Forgive me for sounding like a complete noob (but that’s because I am one on here lol) but how do I actually access my “stash” and actually put flavors in to it?

Click on user in the upper right corner on my page. In the drop down menu click on my flavor stash.

Have you signed up with ELR?

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Awesome I found it, Thanks! Yes I have :slight_smile:

Also when you create recipes it automatically add the flavors from your recipe to your stash. Just remember to format properly and your stash will take care of itself.

You can find vendor abbreviation here if you need help with it. Vendor Abbreviations


Another great feature is that you can input a numerical value for your concentrates and VG/PG/NIC and after you create your recipe it tells you how much it will cost you to make that recipe.

IME I’ve found that it’s best just to use a number format without your currency when inputting your costs for said liquids.


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