How do potential gov't regulations threaten DIY

I try to keep up with the news, but poor reporting, fake news, and bias makes it difficult. Can anyone tell me clearly what gov’t regulation threats to DIY vaping are?

Gov’t attacks on youth vaping dominate the news. Raising age limits to 21, banning commercial pre-mixed juices with flavors that attract kids, etc. But is DIY under any threat?

I have not seen any news that PG, VG, and Nic are threatened by regulation. It that true? I have also assumed that flavor concentrates are not under threat since they are widely used in variety of products other than vape juice. However, someone recently posted that Bull City refused to ship flavor concentrates to his San Francisco address. Now I can’t find that post. The Bull City website makes no mention of SanFran restrictions. Neither do any other flavor vendors.


Nothing Yet , but I would imagine that the flavor houses would start being more cautious on where they ship , so the San Fran restriction doesn’t surprise me … Also in regards to DIY I can’t imagine much restriction except the potential of NiC being harder to get one day , thats is an assumption though


I dont think flavors will ever be affected…since used for more than vaping…BUT i do think Nic will be the one that will soon be affected…A vape shop[ owner i know has alreayy got some info on what the FDA wants to do with Nic sales…she does not sell it but gets the news letters …FDA will want us to register with them…get an ID number used for all Nic purchases…we will have to send them a photo ID showing name an birth date…then when we purchase use that ID number an send an ID pic also so the supplier will have on file…

Who nows when that will happen …but it’s some thing they have sceamed up in the back room…

I have run into vendors already who ask for an ID for hardware…just cause on package it says …Contains Nicotine…now some won’t even ship to some states…i think that pertains most to juice…My state has a ruling of no packaging that show any thing that will attract younger people or kids…even the name…like sour gummi worms…stuff like that


Not an intention to derail here but it is distantly related. I’m not sure where vendors who deal in bulk source their vg from but this may have a future snag. Indonesia, election, Palm oil..

I can see a licensing push for nicotine in the future but hopefully diyers will still have the option. Ny is outright hostile and will eventually tax the hell out of it. The thing that makes me go hmm is the argument vaping is a gateway to smoking but then there’s a push for the only available flavors of tobacco. The argument seems contradictory to what vapors who have quit know and at the same time if these laws do go through the anti vaping side can say I told you so.