How do you make someone remove your original recipe they have taken and posted as their own

I just stumbled on to a recipe today that was posted yesterday and it was a Lemon NY Cheesecake, which I came up with one just a month ago and tested and it was delicious so I posted it in the recipes hoping people would give it a mix and I could get some feedback and criticism from other DIY’ers. I posted it March 1,2018. So I wanted to check this other lemon ny cheesecake recipe out see how they make theirs. Low and behold it is MY RECIPE down to the notes on it about how its a rat race to get to the bottle afteer 7 days of steeping to vape it but after 2 weeks its best and the super sweet is optional and to taste. He tweaked or changed absolutely nothing on it and posted it as his own recipe no credit given nothing. the fact he even copied my notes word for word really upset me. How can I make this person remove, give credit where credit is due or change everrything about the recipe to be his own. IDK why but I am so upset over this and maybe I shouldn’t be but any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


The only thing I can suggest is take it as a compliment. They obviously liked something about it enough to copy it into their own recipe set…

Now, that said, did you check the VG/PG/nic information? Perhaps something DID in fact change, only you were so focused on the flavors or brands and percentages, that you missed how they adapted it! (Even though, at that point, the proper etiquette/thing to do is leave it private)

At the bottom, does it have the “adapted from” button? If it does, then (while not ideal) they DID give credit to the creator (or at least, the system did. Which many who’ve learned to work within the system understand, and take for granted that the original is credited that way, because we know what to look for).

Personally, when I adapt someone else’s recipe, the first thing I do, is copy the “by” line (including the date):

EG: - by a_jhasty0830, Mar 11, 2018

And then I hit the adapt button, and paste that into the subject:

EG: Another Cheesecake - by a_jhasty0830, Mar 11, 2018

That way, IF I ever feel inclined to mess with it, or make it public for whatever reason, I know where it came from. There have been plenty of instances where for one reason or another recipes just “up and disappear”. And alot of people are learning to adapt them, or lose them forever. Some of the newer folks haven’t yet learned that just because you can make a recipe (or adapt one), doesn’t mean you have to make it public. In fact, by default, it’s set to private. So I’m guessing it’s a newbie that is learning to use the system, and might’ve miss-clicked the “make public” check box.

Who knows. Either way, once you make a recipe public, things can and will happen.

If you want absolute control, and absolute credit, the best/only thing you can do, is keep it private. And/or share it with those you know and trust.

Try not to take it so hard though. Much like when we try to replicate a store bought liquid… Copying (cloning) is the highest form of flattery! If they didn’t like it, they’d never bother! :wink:


Yes I did check to see if the pg/vg nic were changed and they were all the same. Nothing was changed on it. It wasn’t that my recipe was reposted so much as he even copied my notes word for word
: This is a favorite here in our vaping household. It is delicious after 1 week but by week 2 it is doubly delicious. We have a hard time staying out of it for the full 2 weeks. After day 7 its a rat race to get to the bottle. Hope you enjoy.

The CAP Super Sweet is a very low % but it is optional, it doesn’t have to have it but I think it gives it that little extra something in the finished steeped product. I’m vaping this recipe as I type this and I def encourage the SS in this.
I do understand that there is info regarding the recipe in it but that could have been simplified by himself like, steep time, 2 weeks but very good after 7 days, also super sweet is a low% but it is optional. The reason I started posting a few of my recipes was for feedback and constructive criticism to help me learn and grow as a DIY mixer, I know there are going to be people mixing the recipes I post, or at least I hope people mix them and vape them and hopefully will leave feedback about how it is to them. I see tons of recipes that people alter and adapt from other peoples recipes and for the most part they are sure to give credit to the original mixer that made me feel more comfortable posting some of mine. I guess there are more recipes on here than I realize that other people completely copy and repost with and I’m totally unaware. for the time being I think I will keep my recipes public because I do so very much want that feedback from other more experienced mixers and I know I won’t get that freedback if I don’t post recipes to get it on. But thank you for your response, it has helped me to gather my senses a bit.


And that’s all the reason to continue to do so IMO!!

Don’t let one person change how or why you do what you need to do! Ignore them (and their error) and continue on!

Keep calm and Vape happy!


Not exactly the same.

Thou I was wondering why there isn’t copy of such and such at top of page… generally I leave my adaptions of recipes private until I want to see the copy of link the original.

Personal I wish the copy of notice was viewable when recipes r private.

But I’d take this clone as a compliment and move on… congratulations you’ve been cloned. No C & D letters required.


It’s adapted to be 6mg nic. Clicking the “adapted from” bar will take you right back to your original. That’s how you get the credit. Personally, I like to add a note asking people to rate the original just to avoid this kind of outrage but in the long run, congrats! You’ve been cloned! :wink:


Personally IMO changing the nicotine level in a recipe does not constitute it being a new recipe.
If you look at the other recipes this user has posted they are all copies of other mixers recipes, and all but this one has the “copy of” flagged at the top of them. maybe you need to call on daath to see why that “copy of” did not show up on his copy. also I’d be tempted to contact the copier and ask him to at least give credit and put a link to your original, or make his copy private.


Could be that he created a new recipe and just copied the flavors and % and then copy/paste title and notes. That way you don’t get an adapted from or copy button.

It’s a bit of a shame… not proper etiquette if you ask me but unless there are rules about this, there’s nothing you can do about it. As others have said, take it as a compliment.


I dont think most of us would consider this a new recipe w/ those changes but by adapting you recv’d the highest brownie points available from elr short of typing a pubic thanks. This is example of the debated “what to publicize”,Proper etiqutte ? for Collecting ejuice recipes and why some feel the need to publicize is a big can o worms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did immediately left a comment and said that it was my original recipe and he had copied it down exactly and even word for word of the notes and I’d like credit where credit was due, I had left another heaaterd comment but I deleted the second one. lol. I then responded to the other person who had asked a question about the recipe and answered them. It wasn’t that the recipe was copied it was more that he copied and pasted every word I typed instead of moving his fingers over the keys to put the notes into his own words. IDK why but something about reading my own words posted like that just got under my skin. I know it is a delicious recipe and I’m happy someone made it and tried it but the guy copied it exactly and didn’t even have the decency to rate it before snatching it. I also checked his recipes after seeing mine and saw he only had a few and just started posting late Feb, and I did recognize a couple of the recipes as I had come across them before and knew they weren’t his. But thank you all for the responses and support as well as advice. TY.


understandable and i would feel the same way but feel honored. You have to consider they may have possible language barrier, an understanding of what unclicking that lil box actually means and dont use the forums for advice. Keep cranking out the mixes tho, perhaps ill (privately)clone one as well!


Dont know about that was doing a single flavor test recently @ recomended and got this recipe is a clone of such and such @ the top.

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Have you tried email @daath. ??? I have a funny feeling that maybe the owner of the 2nd recpie hit a glitch in the copy/paste/adapt or whatever.

Typically when someone copies a recpie and calls it their “own” they would normally change the notes.

I would also think it may be a touch better to use the email link on the recipe side prior to calling it out as a whole. These debates often go into weird and odd conversational holes.


This isn’t what happened. When you adapt a recipe all of the notes carry over as well. He didn’t copy your recipe, he adapted it. There’s a difference. It’s usually very helpful to maintain the original notes so that’s apparently what he did. In my opinion, this guy did nothing wrong. The only thing that may have been better etiquette is maybe indicating that the notes were yours or maybe not making his version public. For an example here’s one that I’ve adapted and made public. Most I keep private.


There is an adapted from button underneath the recipe.


How does the system know it’s adapted if I create a new recipe and then fill in the flavors with their %? If people copy a recipe from another site/magazine/whatever, that’s how they’ll enter it as well.

I can easily see new users do that, people who are not familiar with the site and don’t read the guides in the beginner forums…
And I’m sure there’s a good part of users that just use the calculator and don’t get involved with the rest of the community.


If it’s exactly the same as an existing recipe on this website it will say on the top that it’s a copy off the original, the site software sorts that out.

I’m afraid there’s not much you can do about that.


Thats a good thing, was unaware of that since anything i adapt remains private, and this message only appears when it goes public? There are also only so many # of combos possible, sooner or later “off the top of your head” will already be done.


It would be great if it did, but I’m afraid it doesn’t.
Here, I just created a new recipe from a new recipe someone just made. I don’t see the copy of link/button.

My copy:

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see if it adds the banner if u public it, then kindly private it again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: