How do you melt sweetener on pre-made eliquid?

I usually buy premade e-liquids and I recently bought a box of splenda stevia which contains eythritol and stevia extract which are just exactly what I needed. Ofcourse before doing this I read a forum on this site which highly encourages using these types of sweeteners. I didn’t really fully research about this specific brand of stevia but I was so excited to add it on my juice. After awhile, I noticed that it didnt fully melt even after letting it sit on warm water while shaking it every 30 minutes now I’m worried that it could ruin my device/coil. Should I keep doing this or should I try filtering my juice through a coffee filter which is also commonly used by DIY-ers. I dont want to risk on ruining my juice by trying to melt it in high temp. What are your suggestions or alternatives?​


@seekerland welcome to ELR. I don’t know if Splenda is safe for vaping. I would cease using that until you can verify whether or not it’s safe for vaping specifically. Sucralose, EM, and Stevia are used in ejuice, and as always, even their safety is questionable. I cannot speak to eythritol’s safety in vaping either.

Once you find a safe sweetener, you can mix it in a PG base until it dissolves. Or, you can buy sweetener already dissolved in PG.


I have tried doing it the same way. Added the dry form of Stevia. I got it to dissolve in PG but it didn’t take long and solids form on the bottle bottom. I decided to get the liquid form. For a two ounce bottle it was about $5.50 off the shelf at Walmart.


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