How do you mix nicotine in eliquid?

I have a 16 oz bottle of PG, 16 oz of VG (mixing together for a 50/50 blend), and a 2 oz bottle of nicotine 60 mg, PG50/VG50, if I add all the nicotine to the PG/VG, would that dilute the nicotine to a low level? I’m hoping for 3% or less. I’m not really sure how to do this. If I have a 2 oz bottle of 60mg of nicotine 50/50 and add 2 oz of PG/VG, does that make the strength of the nicotine 30mg? Is that how it works? Then it would also dilute even less when you add your flavor.


First off welcome to the forum :grinning:You NEED to go to the calculator and learn how to use it Before you start mixing. you don’t want to get your nic level to high. Go to Create recipe on top of page then add the amount you want to make ( the strength of Nic ) you have if its pg or vg base and so on. Take a look at other recipe’s :thumbsup:


It sounds like you need some info from the ground up.

How are you measuring? Volume or weight?

What size bottle are you mixing into?

It kinda sounds like you’re talking about throwing everything together in one giant bottle, and things need to be a little more precise. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding.


@Mary6 your idea of mixing the bases of 2 oz 50/50 pg/vg to 2 oz of 60mg/ml of 50/50 nic to equal a 30 mg/ml (4 oz) bottle of fluid is correct. Do you have pipettes or syringes? If so it would be easier to mix your nic/pg/vg into what your wishing to do.
If you put 0.75 ml of your nic into a bottle with 14.25 ml of your 50/50 pg/vg you will have a base nic 15 ml of 3% strength but that is without considering any flavorings.


No I don’t have any of those but I need to get a kit. Yes I just mixed it all together. I am not sure where the calculator is on this site but I found a good one on google. So 473.19 ML PG mixed with 473.19 ML VG + 60 mg/ml of Nicotine 50/50 should be close to 3.577% of nicotine. Looks like I came close to what I was hoping for. Calculator I used: I quit smoking cigarettes a few months ago and trying to keep my nicotine level down while vaping. I was buying it already mixed but decided to start making my own. Thanks!!


There’s some good reading here before you do: :wink:


You are about to save alot of money but not in the beginning. Your first month can still be less than a months worth of cigs. The % of nicotine is based more on how you vape equipment-wise. If you use a rebuildable dripper (RTA) you get more vapor and therefore more nicotine and 3% is plenty, but if you are using a tank you fill many people got to 6% (less “clouds” with say a 50W Kbox Nano vs RDA). RDAs have a whole additional technical aspect that may not be for someone new to vaping.

Don’t be afraid to share, these guys are all nice :wink: You must be thinking of Reddit [additional emojis]. Tell us what you are using to vape and we can make more suggestions. One thing everyone agrees on is that this is a personal and subjective experience, so accept all this as just information for you to succeed in getting off the C-stix. Vaping is way more enjoyable, but you still need to feed those receptors in your brain that monitor your blood/nicotine levels (“I need a cigarette!”).

Maybe even buying some premium juice to find out what you like as a flavor profile. I’m old and I don’t feel uncomfortable going into a vape shop and wasting their time …when doing so I see half the people coming in there are 55+, (not implying agedness just shyness). I had to try everything to find out what I could otherwise never know.

I will say that the better quality hardware you have the better your experience will be, but work your way up slowly and by looking at stuff online (ELR!) …and you can’t make your first slammin’ DIY mix until you know in advance that you prefer creams or tobaccos or fruits etc. Best of luck in your journey @Mary6 !