How do you taste test a batch of mixes?

I am a beginning e-juice mixer looking to a find a fast way to taste test several variants of a recipe. I’d like to mix several 15ml test bottles of various percentages and flavors to hasten the process. Is there a practical, and quick way to be able to test all of them?

I use subohm tanks with pre-built coils for my vaping, and the coils cost about $3 each. If I use a fresh coil to taste each mix, it can quickly get expensive.

I suspect most mixers use an RDA and rebuild their coil for each taste, or at least change the cotton. I’d rather not have to learn how, and spend the time, to build my own coils.

Is there such a thing as inexpensive taster coils or tanks?
Is there a dripper that has pre-built coils where it’s quick & easy to change the cotton?
Instead of vaping a mix, could I put a drop of e-liquid on my hand and lick it off to taste it?

How do you taste test a batch of mixes?

You could after your taste test retire the coils to a fine jar of cheap vodka, it can clean them out well enough to reuse them again

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I just use my crown tanks and go. Typically after a few pulls the flavor changes over. There isn’t really anything quick about it. It is true, I’m too much of a scardie cat to build my own coils, but I may soo break down and learn.

The reason why I haven’t switched over is because I believe in vaping 3-5ml is in a test to really seek out how you mix is. Going from a lower temp to a high temp…more and less airflow. 3-5mls is a good period of time in a tank with prebuilt coils. 3-5mls on an rda doesn’t always last that long

I use an RDA normally, so cleaning the coil and changing cotton is something I’ve
always done a lot.

So, I use a clean coil and new cotton when testing a new recipe or a new stand-alone flavor
It’s quick, easy, and more accurate for me.

You might want to get an RDA and some prebuild coile to make it easy for you. There are
a lot of people selling prebuilt coils for an RDA. You can buy in bulk on Ebay and several vendors sell them too.


This is old school, but I still use a KP Long Barrel (unsealed) for testing flavors. No wick to worry with, and when you change flavors just put a paper towel around the bottom, blow through it, and any juice left is removed. It only holds about 3 drops anyway [anymore and it will leak]
You can buy them alone, but will [should] need the kit to get the shield and adapter. The kit comes with a ‘ming’ but any 510 sizing drip tip will work. You can buy each separately but the kit saves a couple $$
I keep it on my desk screwed on a CM 521 TAB so it’s handy, but I have used it on an old MVP2
Each one lasts me about two months and they are about $3 each [the KP long barrel] and I recommend the UN-SEALED vs the sealed one. I use the 1.5ohm.

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Thanks for all the advice. It seems that getting an RDA with some prebuilt coils would be the most practical. It looks like the tugboat v2 is good for beginners. It’ll take some time to learn to wick and clean the coils–hopefully less than 5-10 minutes each. But, as with learning anything new, I’d become more efficient with practice.

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Thanks @Alisa,
I just finished mixing a second batch of your Honey Mocha. It such an delicious and simple recipe.

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Ahhh. That’s so nice to hear!

I have 5 RDA’s loaded with ADV mixed juices. On average, 4-5 days, I clean the coil and rewick. Then, I just grab 5 new mixes and vape them on the cleaned attys. Repeat the process every 4-5 days until I have gone through all my new mixes.