How does Acetyl Pyrazine effect taste

What exactly does Acetyl Pyrazine do to flavors. What does it add?? What kinds of recipes would benefit the most?? What recipes would it hurt.


Personally I like to use AP in cereals , deserts , popcorn etc as an enhancer ,but you have to be careful bc Alot of profile like Fa Cookie have AP in them so over doimg the AP can hurt more than help, I use Ap between .25 and .75pct …


it adds a bit of graininess and if used too high in can taste like stale frito chips
use with cereals or cookies for best effects, imho.


You could start from here, and get the general idea:

I use it when you want to give that seed/baked taste to a mix, go easy with it, it’s a magic ingredient, but if overdosed can ruin your mix in no time.

But you’ll notice that as soon as you open the bottle, it’ll fill your room with that particular strong smell.
Use it in any recipe that you need a roasted seed taste, corn chips, pop corns and so forth.

Follow @fidalgo_vapes suggestions as well… his hint is…………. like mine… watch it…


How do you think it would work with nuts.
I have a recipe that I love
TFA French Vanilla 4%
TFA Dairy Milk 4%
FW Hazlenut 6%
I wonder if it would improve this recipe and what % would you start with???


Ap will enhance the nut when used low (1% or lower)
More than that i found it went to fritos taste.


Improvement… it depends… if you want to give it a roasted taste or not… I’d start from 0.25 to 0,5%.
Never use it in 10/15ml bottle but on a 20/30ml you’ll never be able to dose it correctly… a single drop on a 10mill si far too much, depends on your taste buds.