How does Wattage and Voltage affect flavor and vapor production

This might be fun to mull over. Which has the most effect on flavor wattage or voltage, or both? Which has the most effect of vapor production? I was trying some new juice, and it was like vaping pure PG until I turned up or down the _____? Or, I was trying some new juice, and it was like vaping burnt turds until I turned up or down the _______?

Voltage and wattage alone have zero meaning. Heat flux of the coil at the specified wattage - has.

Power (watts) is the result of electricity (Volts) passing through the load (Ohms) and generating current (Amps).


More vaporization (phase transition) = more volume and flavor. Understanding the heat flux or the thermal radiation potential of your coil design is essential, not just a measure or watts or volts as Aux noted. The more efficient (concentrated) your wind the more direct the application of heat energy. The wick selection in both capillary potential and compression (or deflection) of its surface can have a significant impact on both vapor volume and density. So properly fitting the wick (type and size) to the coil is important to ensure adequate flow for the power you are using. Vapor production brought by excess heat or heating (diffusion or dispersion) of what is vaporized may not bring about more flavor. Pursuing heat alone may actually sour your vape. Vaporization is the work being done and efficient transition from wind to wick the goal of a good build.

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Nice link @mactechvpr! Good info all around. Liking the pen vise idea found in that link.

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