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How I test flavours

I mix up a 61ml batch with some Sucralose, Erythritol, and Nicotine. I have 20% of flavour that I don’t add to this large batch. Then I separate this into 5ml of and add the flavour and then PG until it adds up to 20%. For example to test one flavour i’ll add 3% flavour 17% PG, then 5% flavour and 15% PG, then 7% flavour and 13% PG. This way I can test one flavour at 3%,5%,7% at 5ml in 10ml bottles all with the same amount of Sucralose, Erythritol, and Nicotine for consistency.
I steep the 61ml batch for a week before making the smaller batches of which I steep for another week.
Usually I test in a sub ohm tank using 1.5mg of freebase nicotine.


Ok if I’m reading this right, your mixing the Sucralose, Erythritol, and Nicotine with VG and pre-steeping it, then adding your Flavor + PG at different percentages to come up with consistent testing at 20/80 pg/vg ratio.
Sounds like a nice method to me :+1:, although I usually test single flavors with no sweeteners or additives myself


At least you make an effort to SFT. I think the increasing number of newer mixers can’t be bothered to SFT, or steep for that matter.


I test at a 70 VG, 30 PG ratio so there is some PG in the large batch but you can do it at whatever ratio you like. Erythritol (5% in VG) is more of an enhancer then sweetener and I found that I can taste the flavours better with it at 0.75%, Sucralose also makes things taste better in my opinion but not necessary for everyone.
The idea is that I get a constant mix for each tester where as if I were to mix them individually then the slight changes will alter my perception of the flavours.


Yeah Single Flavour Testing is important to me because I can’t rely on other people’s opinions for instance I taste off notes in every Raspberry that is highly recommended on Diyordie Noted and find LorAnns to be my favorite Raspberry, but also find a smokey off note in LorAnns Watermelon which is also highly recommended and I prefer Purilum Watermelon.
Steeping is also important to me as I make e-liquid for other people and want to make sure they still taste good in a week to month after mixing them.


I like LorAnns raspberry too. Though, I do find that I need to bump it up to like 5% to taste it in a recipe which, unfortunately, I don’t like to do and therefore hardly ever use it.

Just out of curiosity, have you tried Wild Raspberry by Medicine Flower? It is rather expensive but worth it because it tastes wonderful and you don’t need a lot in a recipe so it will last longer.


Yes I just got it not long ago and am trying it in some recipes now. It’s also a good one although expensive and hard to get in Canada. Seeing as mostly mix for Pods at 60/40 VG/PG using 5-6% of LorAnns isn’t an issue.


Good point

Things have changed haven’t they and not for the better?

Steeping and SFT are two very important parts of DIY


@TorturedZen agreed. SFT is really the basis for learning about the flavors that are used.


100% @Dan_the_Man, I think that flavor, is life altering.


I SFT even though it doesn’t always help me with my taste issues.

I always use

  • 70 % VG,

  • whatever for the flavour - always in PG -
    (based on recommendations, SD’s testing or the medians),

  • 1mg NIC - PG -

  • extra PG to make up the 100%.

So all are consistent with the ratio I usually mix everything else at.


Things will continue to change as long as people keep looking for ways to do DIY faster, easier and cheaper. The phrase ‘patience is a virtue’ couldn’t be more true these days. It’s the way of the world amigo!


Ah, yes, good point sir. Faster, easier, and cheaper. I do believe you hit the nail on the head.

so true.

Good one. yes, life-altering…