How long does nic stay in the system?

please discuss.

before diner i use higher nic, 4-6. after diner i cut back to 2-3. nis keeps me awake. i’m wondering how much i should cut back before the fart sack.


The effect will last around 4 hours depending on the dose.

Detectable is different from effect:

Urine: Up to four days

Blood: Up to four days

Saliva: Up to four days

Hair: Up to 90 days


thanx :slight_smile:


Had a flatmate once who only slept 3hrs at a time he would get up around 2am then again around 5am. When trying to quit smoking he fell asleep one night with nicorette gum in his mouth. He woke up after 8hrs sleep +the first time in about 5 years. It was after that, he realized it was his nicotine addiction getting him up several times a night


Vaping is one way to quit cigarettes. I know it is hard, but I’ve found vaping to be a sufficient substitute for more than 7 years. Finding the right gear and the right juice with enough nicotine in it makes it much easier. And don’t expect any juice to taste exactly like burning tobacco. But there are a lot of tobacco flavors that are satisfying. And lots of other flavors to tickle your flavor palette while still getting nicotine into your system. I hope you find something that helps you quit cigarettes. Quitting is one of the best things I have done for my health. And so you know, I now find the smell of tobacco smoke to be very stinky and distasteful. I am grateful to have switched to vaping.