How long is ejuice good for?

I’ve vaped older ejuice that has sat around for awhile (4-5 weeks) and taste completely different. It gets kinda perfumy. Sweet syrupy. It vapes heavy. Should we be putting expiration dates on our juices? Or does this usually not happen.


Through the the steeping process, that juice has now developed into what it’s going to taste like from now til you either vape it all, give it away or throw it away. It hasn’t gone bad, it’s just well steeped.

What’s in the recipe?


Also to note, once I get a juice where I like it and I no longer want the steeping process to continue further, I throw my bottle in the fridge.

Especially with the summer upon us, juice steeps MUCH faster now than in the winter.


From what I’ve read on a bazillion sites, when juice is stored in favorable conditions, the expiration date could be pushed to a couple of years. Mine never last longer than 3 months before they are gone!


True that. I have a dedicated mini fridge I use to store juice in.

I live in an upstairs apartment in a house with no central air in the summer. I dont take my chances =P


Good gracious! If I had a spare window a/c unit, I swear I’d send it to you! That’s got to be murder on the mind and body.


Well heck where were you 1 week ago ! I had to go out and buy a portable 12,000 BTU air conditioner since Seattle doesn’t believe in central air conditioning anywhere except the hospital. Lol jk Jimk :kissing_heart:


This juice was store bought. Something called luchious. Would be nice to have its recipe.

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I have two a/c window units but I dont run them unless I am home!


Good idea! I’m the same way with just about all appliances these days!


Who makes that juice?

Made at cig-free a local Vape shop. Newer line of juice they haven’t had long called MoDa Vapors - Premium ejuice for sub ohm tanks.
I started making DIY ejuice a few weeks ago and was setting aside what was left of some of the MoDa flavors for reference later.
I never heard talk of refrigerator storing of ejuice until now. It’s crossed my mind before but never felt the need for it. Anyone I’ve ever seen selling ejuice it’s always been stored on shelves and display cases room temperature. And since my Vape shop is only a few blocks away open 7 days a week I never really had more than a 7-10 day supply on hand.
This DIY is trickier then I thought with the steeping. It’s like trying to hit a moving target. Especially when you don’t know what the end results are even so pose to taste like. I made a little device I was hoping would speed up steeping. It spins the bottle around putting the juice in a vortex so I’m assuming the ingredients are continually being mixed around in there. I can even leave the cap off without the juice spinning out so long as I don’t fill the bottle above the bottle neck. I’m not convinced yet that this has done anything to quicken steep time but my juice is very well mixed at least (I hope). I’ve been wanting to put a few glitter flakes in the bottle to see what it’s really doing in there as its spinning around.
Well back to DIY. Hoping to make up a couple batches before work. Trying to stay ahead of the game making next weeks juice this week. Thanks for your help.

There are many threads on ELR about steeping your juice. Type in “steeping” into the search box and you’ll see. Most juices take 2 to 4 weeks to cure. But, if your in a hurry, there are threads about “shake and vapes” as well. Good luck on your journey!

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