How much do you vape during a day?

I’m probably blasting my way through 10mls of juice a day.

But since purchasing a mech and an RDA I do nothing but drip really right now.

When I exclusively used my nautilus I would get through about 5ml.

But that thing hasn’t been out for a while lol.


I’d say maybe 3-5 ml of 6mg a day? I guess I should start keeping track. I use a Protank 2 atm and not a dripper, so that’s liable to change once I upgrade (which is soon, hopefully!). :smile:

So, what’s gonna be your first RDA?

I’m thinking a Magma or some sort of IGO, and maybe the Lemo Drop or Lemo 2, maybe a Subtank. Maybe all of them? LoL I’m house/dog sitting for my sister and her m-i-l…more money for vape budget this month! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once you start twisting your own coils, I have a feeling you won’t go back to disposable coils. You kinda get the fever and can’t go backwards.

If you do go with a RTA in the future, your juice consumption will increase for sure.

I rewrap and reuse my protank coils, so I’ve kinda got a little bit of know-how, but I know having a rebuildable deck is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait. I know I’m gonna blow through the juice, especially at first while I’m geeking out over new toys, so I’m gearing up for going through the juice. Gotta get some serious ADVs so I can make them in bulk. Right now, 30 ml lasts a week+. That’s my “bulk” size. LOL

Awesome! You do have skills! I used to do that for my wife; she always wondered why I looked angry after a recoiling session! As soon as I got her on a dripper, the protanks started gathering dust. She’s digging her new KLoud atomizers that just came in the post; not so much dripping all the time is a plus for her.

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I can highly recommend the PLUME VEIL and PLUME VEIL 1.5 on fast tech for an RDA.

4 post hole setup making dual coil building a breeze.

Plenty of space for twisted wire, Clapton wire and parallels.

One thing I would recommend is drilling or filling out the centre posts a little more to accommodate 26g twisted wires and 26g claptons.

But it’s a great dripper with awesome airflow.

This is my latest build on my standard Plume Veil deck.

It’s a 28g/32g Clapton with parallel twisted 28g(2strand) at .4ohms single coil 5wrap on a 2mm rod.

Great flavour and a nice warm Vape.


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Thanks @Jimk I wouldn’t say it’s skills, more cheap desperation. LOL But thanks, you’re sweet. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll look at the KLouds. I’ve read a lot of great things about the Plume Veil around here @Jondamon but I’m not sure I’m ready or confident enough to jump into dual coils or clapton or anything like that. I figured I’d start with something small and easy and see how I like it. I’m sure if I do, I’ll start a new obsession. Maybe someday I can join the Big Coilers Club and wrap coils like you and NewDrip. One can dream. :wink:

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Lol you’ve been wrapping coils probably longer than me.

I wrapped my first ever standard coil about 2-3 weeks ago.

Don’t be put off by the multi post configuration of the PV it can run single standard coil builds too.

It’s just you know how boys are with toys.


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You never have to do dual coils. My wife does’ not like vaping on dual coils; the amount of vape produced makes her cough her head off.

And yes, you have to be talented to rewrap protank coils; such tiny wire and minuscule amount of wick to get right. Drove me nuts!


@JoJo. Do you really like pro tanks that much? I f you really do, I’d be happy to send you two pro tank 2’s. One’s been drilled out slightly and the other has an adjustable air flow ring on in. You could always use them for parts if nothing else. BTW they are well used and I think that the adjustable afc ring maybe stuck on that particular base, I’ll have to check, I haven’t used them in a very long time.

I’ve actually upgraded since that post. :smile: I now have a 50w box, two Subtank minis, a Magma clone and a PV 1.5 clone that I adore. I held on to my protank just for nostalgia’s sake (and possibly for backup in case of dire emergency), but I haven’t even looked at it in ages. Kinda sad, actually. I really did love it before I found something better. :stuck_out_tongue: I still rebuild the protank coils cuz my mum uses a protank still, but I tend to avoid it until a few days before I’m going to visit and I do a mass coil build session. LoL.

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Wow Jojo, you definitely upgraded :slight_smile: .
I know everyone is different but I had to mod the rba section to allow for chain vaping.
I gave up e-cigs 5 years ago & went back to smoking in hopes the ‘gear’ would get better.
ahem it improved :wink:


My experience was similar. I didn’t give up on e-cigs but I did wind up going back to smoking for a little while. I kinda did both off and on. I got an eGo in 2013 and that was it…I was done with cigarettes. Now I’m super happy with my setup. :smile:


Just wanted to update my how much do you Vape amount.

Since switching to sub ohm (dripping and tank) I’m finding in getting through on average 15-25ml per day.


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I drip on a Troll and Darkhorse all day. If I’m awake, and my hands are not busy doing something else, I’m vaping.
Really bad, I know. But, after 40 years of slavery to Big Tobacco, I feel so much better, so I’m not
going to worry about my vaping habit yet. Not sure how much liquid I use every day really. I vape
out of 4 or 5, sometimes 8 different bottles (different flavors). I’ll bet i do go through 20-30ml per day though.

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I use a sub G tank on my MVP and a Magma clone on my Sigelei 100+ - between the two of them I probably go through 20 ml or so in a day. I’m like Alisa - If I’m not specifically doing something else, I have a mod in-hand all the time.

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