How much do you vape during a day?

So how much on average do you vape a day. I probably vaped around 6 or 7 ml today on my new dripper on a Istick. How about you?


Anywhere from 15ml to 25ml depending on what im doing. I drip @ .3ohms on Plume v1.5’s, i can vape through the juice pretty quick. I also work from home so i dont have to put it down, i generally vape 0mg most of the day but when i need to focus ill vape 3mg.

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I vape 6 to 10 mls a day and I thought I was a heavy vaper.

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Normally 15ml at 6mg nic for me…

For me it varies a lot - I’d say 5-25ml depending on how much I use my drippers :smile:

About 15ml but more if I have made a new mix that I like!

7 - 12ml a day approximately

Wow …I vape maybe 3ml a day …you guys are animals

I typically vape a similar amount. Some days I go through 6 or 7ml other days I can go use over 10ml! It depends on whether I’m dripping or using an RTA, my RTA tends to leak a little sometimes but even if it doesn’t it goes through juice somehow faster than when I drip, it’s really amazing how much juice I go through with that thing! I use a billow btw, I highly recommend it, it’s a great product!

I’d say about 10ml/day on average.

About 5ml a day on a work day. 8/10 a day when sitting around.

I probably vape at tops 3-4 mls a day I thought I was vaping a lot lol. Although I’m a nurse so can’t really vape like I Want to !

Yea i thought i was a heavy vaper too lol. But i feel when i get my dual coil built for my igo-w7 on a istick i will vape even more ml. Just got to get me some 30g wire. The 26g gauge I have just doesn’t heat up quick to go dual coil.

I vape about 4-5ml’s per day if both my tanks are drained. If i was dripping on the day add a bit more to 5-7ml’s :smile:

I vape 6mg~ :beers:

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I vape around 15-20 mls a day. My Lemo takes about 5mils of juice and I go through it quick. My Igo w-4 tends to take more throughout throughout the day though, sitting on top of my siegeli 150w!

I vape probably 4-5mls per day unless at work. I’m usually kept quite busy so the amount of vape time suffers during work. Unfortunately all the years of smoking have made it impossible for me to use a dripper. On the bright side I’m not blowing through juice like water…

I am a very light vaper - I vape 1ml maybe a bit more some days :smile:

When i was only using my Nautilus i was vaping 5-7ml but now that im swiching back and forth between my Atlantis and billow which are both juice hogs im easily going through 10-12 ml a day.

I was vaping maybe 3ml a day . Now that I got this Lemo I’m vaping about 8

it all depends on the flavor. when I was vaping PG i vape 3-4 hours a day and used 5ml but then I found out I’m allergic to PG now I vape 100% Vg and on some days I vape 8 hours a day and only use 6ml because its thick I recommend to try it. It is not for every one i vape Alchemy e-lixirs great price and great selection.