How much ejuice can I carry on a plane?

I am about to fly from LA to Miami and will be there for a bout a week. I have the little plastic ejuice carrier and it holds 60ml per bottle. I read that each passenger can have up to a 100ml each? Does anyone have any experience with this?


1 Like… if your taking them carryon just place your bottles in a ziplock bag… those are the exact regs on liquids



I do appreciate it!


Right on! This is perfect! Huge thanks for this!


Unless your tanks are empty and dry, place them inside a ziplock bag also (both the ones in your checked bags and the one(s) in your carry on… they tend to leak under pressure.


Just one thing not to forget. TSA has banned lithium ion batteries from checked luggage. Man the last couple times I flew I was nervous about my carry on mods for fear they would not be allowed on the plane. And the last time I flew was about 2-1/2 months ago. But neither TSA in Charlotte, NC or Denver, CO gave me a second look. I had 2 Efusion mods, the Reuleaux and an eVic VTC Mini - each with a loaded tank. I had these in the pockets of a back pack. The Reuleaux and eVic both had batteries installed.

EDIT - Oh and I didn’t have my liquid in bags. I had like 6-30ml bottles with dripper tops stuffed in various pockets of my back pack. All that went through xray with no issue. Maybe I was lucky.


I would say you were lucky as liquids are suppose to go in the ziplock on their own… your right though batteries do need to go carryon though I never thought about it tbh as I wouldnt check my vape gear anyway I dont want it thrown around by rough baggage handlers


Yup. Lucky lucky lucky. I wouldn’t plan on being that lucky on the regular. Speaking as unmmm. Yeah I work there, just not for the tsa.


Right man, I didnt even think about that.

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Damn! Thats crazy! I am only bringing 2 mods, 4 batteries, charger, and of course, 100ml of juice. I figure I will see what the Miami vape shops have going on and it will give me an excuse to go lol.


That’s really all a person needs for anything less than a few days. I think my vape gear has turned into a security blanket though. For some reason I mentally made a connection to having several mods with me at all time with being successful at quitting smoking. Emphasis on mental! :slight_smile:


Haha! I can appreciate that! Good stuff!

Just back from a trip and the only place TSA checked me was MSP (Minneapolis MN) The lady scanning obviously didn’t know what my MODs were. All my juice was in 30ml bottles.

Like what was said before… you have to carry on all your equipment/battries


Cool. I appreciate it!