How much flavor do I have left?

When you use ELR recipe maker, it would be nice if the amount of flavoring used in recipe was deducted from stash amount. Another box could be added for “on hand amounts”. I have over 250 flavors and find it difficult to keep track of what needs to be ordered. Just thinkin’ and wishin’.


It would make life easier.

Yeah, I’d like an input for actual mls that you might have, not just %

That will come - As soon as I implement batch control you’ll get that and a whole lot more :slight_smile: Not too sure when it will come though - but all of a sudden it will be there! :smiley:

It’s in your stash :slight_smile: Be sure to enter the price as well, then ELR will tell you the cost of your mixes :slight_smile:


Cool thanks, see, I’m still a’learning :smiley:

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If you are looking at recipes and see the price with a question mark beside it…click on it and it will highlight flavors you don’t have. If you plan on ordering that flavor click on it and it will take you to a page to make a list. Add to list I think.

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(Or the ones where you’re missing volume and pricing info :slight_smile:)


Omg. I think if the “how much do I have left” was available I may have to enter my whole stash. Since I knew when I purchased my first order I would stick with DIY I bought a lot of my flavors in 30ml bottles. Months and months later and 4-5 orders acouple of my bottles are half full (Vienna cream FA and strawberry FA to name two).

Granted my bottle of zen garden has barely been touched but I finally have a good recpie to post soon and I am confident I will be able to Vape the 30mls of the too…eventually…can’t put zen garden in everything like Vienna cream FA.

daath is waiting until I have used some of all 300+ flavors that I have before implementing batch control. That way my anal retentive ass can spend a month measuring the amount of flavoring left in every single bottle of flavor LOL. So I am refusing to crack about half my bottles open until he does. I can hold out as long as you buddy!

I was actually just thinking about this again tonight. It has become a bit difficult to keep track of flavor levels sometimes. So when the day comes and we have this feature, somehow I am sending strippers with beer to daath’s house. Ya’ll are welcome to pitch in :wink: