How safe is vaping

Thanks for your input :smiley: love this forum. i just bought 2 flavors and on the back on one said that it contains 3.5% of unknown poisons stuff and on the other its said its not suitable for vaping :smiley: :smiley: so i was just thinking about it :smiley:

I wouldn’t be using either of those. You should be buying from reputable vape flavor vendors. Like where in the world are you?

They should be
( flamingo 20ml (special edition) - Egoist Flavors ) this is one of the flavors. In europe.

Never heard of them, and I’m not in Europe. They do have MSDS sheets but that one you mentioned is not included. But if THEY said

why don’t you trust them?

not that i dont trust them, but its weird that on the side of the bottle its written what i wrote above :slight_smile:

Pick up your phone and call them

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i sent them email.

It might just be a standard disclaimer so they asses don’t get sued.

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Vape Nayshun.

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