How should i make this tobacco flavor question

hey all grateful to be here:
i was wondering how to make a few tobacco recipies .
would really appreciate some feedback cause i havnt a clue:
so ill ask regarding a regular cigarette \ menthol cigarette\ pipe standard maybe sweet\ cigar also something good \and fruit hookah …never did tobacco flavors yet so would love to know what would be a good mixture
i have the following tobacco flavors:
gold & silver - hs
havanah dry - sc
indian flavoring - hs
i also have many fruits and spearemint tfa and extreme ice fw
but i have no idea how to mix it or should i add anything etc…?

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Hi, no need to make separate threads for this. This one should be fine for all your questions.

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have you added your flavors into the stash ???

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lol I did that too :+1:


As an experiment, I mixed up a little 7 ml tester of the Indian and the Gold & Silver. I happened to have them on hand. Granted, it was a 20 minute steep, so basically a shake & vape, but most Hangsen tobaccos are pretty forgiving in the steeping department. For testing purposes you get a pretty good idea if the combo has merit, or if they don’t belong in the same bottle together. I used the following ratio:

3.5 % Indian
1.5 % Gold & Silver
Base is 60/40 VG/PG .5mg/ml nic

It actually wasn’t too bad, and I’m sure it would improve with a week of steeping under it’s belt. If I had to do it over, I’d probably go with 4% Indian and 1% G&S. My personal rule of thumb with Hangsen tobaccos is a total flavor percentage of 5%. Sometimes a tad over or under, but that’s just me.

I’ve never tried fruits in my tobaccos, in fact I’ve never tried fruit vapes at all, but some really like it. There’s a guy at work that vapes a HS Highway & Peach combination and loves it.

SC tobacco flavors usually need less of a percentage for the same result. They’re more potent in my experience. Give it a whirl. Mix up a small tester combination and go from there.

Good luck!

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Thx so what did your mix come up with I mean what does it resemble… cigar… Cigarette… Or pipe? Or is it just good with no resemblence to any of the above?

I’d have to say none of the above. Gold & Silver doesn’t taste like any cigarette, cigar, or pipe that I’ve ever tried. So adding it to any other tobacco put’s it in no man’s land for me. Without the combustion, you’re gong to find that tobacco flavors taste like the smell of a freshly opened pack of cigarettes, if that makes sense. It’s tobacco, but fresh tobacco, not ignited tobacco.

Every time I see some review that says ‘tastes just like a Marlboro, or Winston, or Camel’ I take for a grain of salt. I find that it’s easier to add & pick out a cigar note, than a cigarette. To me, cigar notes are more defined, and stand out.

You may need to simplify your ‘what tobacco product does it taste like?’ to ‘does it taste good, or bad?’

Were the tobaccos you listed, your only tobaccos? What do they smell like, to you, if you give the flavors the nose test?


Thanks I see what you mean
I guess I’ll try out some suggestions I got see how it goes