How the FDA Manipulates the Media

I ran across this in the Scientific American and thought I would share with the rest of the class. It isn’t anything we pretty much already figured out on our own, but it is a good read nonetheless :slight_smile:


In the popular YouTube clip from the TV series Newsroom the main character describes what use to make America great. Our sources of information were revered men …Newsmen, our trusted sources of the truth. Analysis of the “What” and “Why” is critical in that pursuit and we apparently are now lost. To quote this Scientific American article “The watchdogs are being turned into lapdogs” defines an almost criminal erosion of something we should hold most dear. The death of truth is likely followed by our loss of freedom. Is the slow crushing of our Free Press the plan?

`What a brave article! Anybody besides me see why Fox News is up in arms against the FDA Deeming Regs (recent clip posted here) and being pro-vaping?

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