How to achieve that cobbler crunch?

Now I have been at this one hard the last month and would really like some suggestions or tips with this one. Ok I’ve been working on a peach cobbler and I’m coming up flat to get that cobbler effect my 2 latest which I feel are the closest I’ve got are this
Apple pie tfa 2.5
Butter pecan fw 1
Cds. Cap. 1.5
Cookie fa 1.5
Joy fa. .75
This is the one I feel is the best so far but not quite it

Belgium waffle tfa .75
Brown sugar tfa 2
Butter cream tfa .75
Captain crunch fw 3
Cds cap. 1
Pie crust tfa. 2.2
These are just aiming at the cobbler, I am using juicy peach for my peach waiting for inw and white peach to make it a more full peach. Thank you in advance

Someone told me that Apple pie 3 to Cookie 1 makes a great pie crust so it would seem you’re right there on the money

Ilike to use a li’l Biscuit by INA to get a homemade taste to a cobbler. Start with .5%. Here in the US they are called butter cookies.

Seems like quite a bit of TFA Pie crust. I usually don’t go over 1.5, but that may just be a personal preference.


I believe you’re on the right track. The key is your ratio on apple pie and cookie.

2:1 cookie over apple pie = a pretty good scone
2:1 apple pie over cookie = a pretty good cobbler

I would make up several small test batches with different ratios of these 2 flavors alone. Then test them to figure out which combo fits the flavor you’re looking for. Once you have the ratio down, think of that as a single flavor “cobbler”. Add this in your recipe at higher or lower percentages but always keep the ratio the same.

Playing with these 2 flavors, I’ve gotten everything from stale scone to under-cooked pie dough. Cobbler is between those two extremes somewhere. :yum:

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Yes thank you