How To Add A Touch Of Sharpness to A Finished Liquid?

Weirdly I have sampled 2 very promising flavours that I mixed last month and sampled them this week. But they are both missing the sharpness I like with both of these types of drinks

They are Wonder Flavors Orange Juice and Flavorah Apple Cider and they are both really promising finished standalone flavours, but both are lacking that little bit of sharpness (I like Dry Ciders).

The Flavorah has a good apple taste with a slightly fermented taste to it reminded me of apple mixed with FA Liquid Amber. I think the finished flavour has promise as a good base for a Scrumpy Cider flavour, if though it is slightly muted and if I could find a way to add a sharp note to it. along with a few drops of MF Green Apple. I could be on my way to my cider nirvana as an eliquid

Any tips on which ready mixed product or powdered acid (that is safe to vape) would add the sharpness I am looking for in these type of liquids?

Maybe try sour or possibly some apple cider vinegar (you would need to get more info on that from someone who has used it though) to add a little sharpness…?

Or add a teeny tiny bit of Cactus (.20) or a bitter Berry. If you want to really dry it out, use pyure at very low .50 or less.

Tart and Sour – (Citric and Malic Acid) 1-2 drops per 10Ml.
CA Lemon Lime – Can make fruit pop at 0.2-0.5%.
Apple Cider Vinegar – 1-2 drops per 5ml said to add zest.

Thanks for all the replies. I have all these and they initially what I thought. But I am not convinced (although I will give them a go) that they will give that sharpness I am looking for.

I was hoping for that lip pursing type sharpness you get from a “Not From Concentrate” fresh orange juice that sets your taste buds alight. When you drink it.

I have a feeling that that is just part of the natural process you get from fresh fruit when converted to juice and may not be able to be replicated by chemicals?

It is shame because both of these flavours are instantly recognisable as the fruit they are meant to be and are pretty good replicas, it’s just that oomph you get from the real thing that is missing…

Well if anyone cracks that code please let me know! @Wayne_Walker had a video taking about trying to figure out sour flavors and additives and if I remember correctly he didn’t have much luck at all. Maybe he has an update since then??

Eta: here is the video, maybe it’ll be helpful. :slight_smile:

FA makes a bitter wizard that might work. I bought it to try and make a tobacco juice for my ex BiL but I’ve not tried using it in any of my mixes so I can’t vouch for it personally. Just throwing it out there as an idea. :wink:

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TPA apple (tart granny smith) tastes like straight up apple cider vinegar… well, to me, at least. It may not to others.

It is very strong so use caution if you try it…


How high do you used it @Wombatred26 ?


I think I used it in a sft at 5%, shuddered, gagged, pawed at my tongue like a rabid dog, and vowed to never touch it again…:thinking: