How to adjust total flavor percentage

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I’m new to this forum and DIY in general. I’m loving the wealth of knowledge here, thank you. I apologize for the noob question, and please correct me if this is posted incorrectly.

I’ve been looking at a couple of recipes to start with, and I’m needing to change the total flavor percentages to fit the corresponding ratios. I read an earlier post regarding an “Adjust total flavor percentage” option under the recipe setting icon. Is that still available, and if so, how do i get to it? It’s definitely not showing up for me at all.

Thank you!!

Welcome…make sure to read the guide:

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When you’re looking at the recipe, click the blue wrench icon at the top right. The flavor percentage adjustment button is there


Unfortunately, I’m not able to see the flavor adjustment button under the “blue wrench icon”. This is all i see…

Thank you for the help!!

You can’t adjust another person’s recipe. You can click adapt this…then you can make any changes. :+1:


Ahhh, ok ok. Thank you!!

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I was just gonna say that, you beat me to it again :smiley:

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sorry! hahahahaaa

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:wink: :relaxed: :+1:

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