How to be a great mixer?

i wanna know how you should think and do to be a good mixer?maybe test the flavors offcourse and know wich flavors you can combo with others and sich who overpower the other and so on all tips are wellcome.i feel that im little stuck in my progress to be better if you know what i mean:)


I think what happens is a lot of people are pidgeon holed into mixing a certain way and that’s how other people mix, it’s all subjective. I’d suggest spending time, figure out those flavours that you enjoy using and mix them at percentages you’ve enjoyed over time and that’s how you will achieve a level of what you figure yourself as to be competent. I don’t care for most recipes and I think a lot of my enthusiasm came from just creating stuff in the beginning, one thing I found out that a lot of the recipes I enjoyed were punchy, strong flavours that could sit on a shelf for a long time and not lose flavour. To me that is what I consider a good recipe, that’s my personal tastes and I know most won’t agree so I won’t share because I don’t want to hear the “Oh, that seems way too high, I’d use .25 of that and .08 of that and no sweetener because I don’t use sweetener and that’s the way all of us do it in the PM chats… etc etc”

Ask your questions, you’re free to and that’s what they’re here for, you’ll get suggestions but take them for what they’re worth and ignore the criticisms. Most are good but there’s a few that think that if they get a 5 star rating they have this ego about them and for as long as I can remember, probably since 2015 or so, every recipe gets 5 stars unless they dislike the person mixing it.

There is no flavour bible (although plenty of people trying to preach it), there are rules and pairings but what’s going to matter is what it tastes in the end to you, so trial and error is inevitable.

Find a handful of flavours you like, mix those, make a finished product you’re happy with and then experiment. Simple.

As far as single flavour testing goes, I don’t believe in that. It’s one thing to taste a flavour but to be able to vape a grape flavour and say it’ll work with this and that, well, I don’t really believe it works like that. It’s good for taking notes and figuring out percentages but the best way for me has always been to mix it with something, I’ve always learned more about flavours that interacted with others because when you do that you seem to change the composition of it, things accent others, etc… Plus I’m poor, so spending 30 dollars on 10ml bottles and half a 30ml just to test percentages doesn’t seem ideal. So find notes, reddit, ELR, manufacturers percentages and go from there.

And on that, keep your flavour stash small, you won’t know what to do with 500 flavours if you’re mixing for yourself and not for popularity. So, take some time, figure out your bakeries from what I gather, so your biscuit. sugar cookies, yellow cakes, CDS, etc and find a pool… Then find those bright fruits you can push high or low as you want, then your creams and whatnot. Always use sweetener, I don’t care what anyone says and I didn’t care for them at first but they do tend to help out some mixes quite a bit by adding brightness. Sucralose for bakery, capella super sweet for fruits. That’s it.

Mix for yourself. Mix how you like. In the end if it tastes good to you that’s all that matters. Fuck the naysayers and elitists.


.25% blueberry wild TPA? first off who are you trying to impress? and who uses that one anymore?


thanks man now i understand the fluffy white cake its a good cakey flavor actualy but little light but good anyway


I do with a little lemon and Hangsen cream


You keep asking for help, but when we offer advice (such as SFTing) you don’t take it. You just admitted in your Fluffy White Cake thread that you don’t test flavors. Sorry to sound a little negative here but this is getting old!


man you are always negative


always against me im sorry that you are experience that i dont listen to people advices but i do i listen and use the facts i think its important for me and the rest i leave


and 2nd it happens that i test flavors not all the time sometimes i can be little lazy about it but yes it happens that i test flavors and yes i thinking of do it more often when i get a new idea


Read notes, read reviews, watch Noted, ask questions, and SFT. Pay attention to %’s, sometimes less is better and sometimes the opposite. Find recipes on ELR that have ratings and comments. Follow those mixers. Join Beginners DIY on FB. Write notes on your STF’s. When you find those recipes, buy just those concentrates. Mix them. Don’t blindly buy concentrates because they look good, like I did hehe. Get a feel for the concentrates and %’s you mix at. For instance- Take Vanilla custard (whatever brand) and mix at different %’s, different steep times, take more notes. I’m just saying custard because that’s my thing. Pay attention to this forum. Learn, practice and learn more. This forum has helped me so much. The beginner group on FB same. Noted and other YouTube shows have been a great help to me. I’m probably rambling at this point…but I hope I made sense. Taste is subjective and practice makes you a better mixer. :smiley:


Why I’m even replying again is anybody’s guess and you can certainly call it like you see it. But if I see something that doesn’t quite add up to me I will say something, even if others do not. That’s ME calling it like I see it.
I’m not going to give advice on how to be a great mixer…simply because I am not a great mixer. But a successful mixer will tell you it starts with flavor testing. The concept is not new to you and we’ve suggested it a few times in the past already.

Yet here you are asking how to be a great mixer but saying you haven’t really done testing and you get lazy once in a while. Virtually all in the same breath. No big deal. We all get lazy! So why is it negative for pointing out something that should be your normal routine?


I haven’t read hos past threads much, but Single Flacor Tests are a REQUIREMENT if you want to advance your mixing game. Trust me- as I’ve wasted a lot of time thinking this was an easy deal. AND get a RDA if you dont have one. Cotton swap and clean between testing flavors. TRUST ME ON THIS!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree mate, my recipes that I use as ADV are usually only a couple of flavours and around 20% flavour total. A product of my taste buds being crap from the 30+ years I smoked.

100% correct. Most recipes that look good to me I have to modify for my own tastes. You really have to work out what you like and go along that pathway.


Taste is subjective.

I have been following recipes for the past 2 years. I have some odd flavors that don’t get mixed, or I can’t find a recipe for them. So, till I order a new stash, I have been having plenty of fun mixing them solo and dialing in the right percentages for my palate. It’s cheaper this way, too.