How to calculate / calculator?

I got a 6 mg nicotine e juice (70 vg/30 pg) that i want to spice up to 18 mg strength. How do i calculate how much 100 mg nicotine 100 % vg and dito 100 % pg base i should add to make a 120 ml batch at the same proportions?

If u punch in all your perimeters for the 120ml bottle and take note of the amounts to use. Then punch in the perimeters of your current bottle. Then simply subtract your current bottle from the numbers u got for the 120ml

Ok, that´s one way to go. Is there no calculator out there to calculate how to spice up an existing e juice?

How big is your bottle of 6mg juice?

120 ml - full. I realize i wouldn´t use all of it :slight_smile:

If you’re not adding more flavoring to the mix, it’s not going to be as flavorful as it currently is

I know - but if maybe some one knows how to make a Gost Gold clone that can be fixed?

If you want the easy option, take out 14.4ml of juice and add 14.4ml of 100mg nic. That’ll bring you back to 120 ml. Depending on if your Nic is pg or vg, one or the other will be little higher, but that’s gonna be your simplest way to go.


If I were adding nic to a store bought juice, I’d probably just add the nic and not worry so much about the vg/pg ratio, myself

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I got both 100 mg nic vg and pg to use, so keeping 70/30% can be achieved. But why 14.4 ml?

Aaah gotcha. I just plugged it into the calculator and got 14.4. So in that case you’d need 10.08ml vg nic, and 4.32ml pg nic.
That’s if you’re wanting to make it exactly 120ml.

Fine, so i just subtract 10.08ml vg nic, and 4.32ml pg nic. frrom the 120 ml original juice?

Correct. :+1:

:point_up_2:that’ll get u extremely close to your target. Though it’ll be a little closer to 17mg nic…since you’re pulling a little from the original bottle

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My math brains are fried for the day so I’ll trust you on that. Lmfao


You lost me there - 14,4 or 17 ?

No calculator for this?

:joy::joy:mine is too…otherwise I’d figure the exact math out. That’s why when I fix things, I always just mix it into a bigger batch. But when u pull the 14.4ml of juice from the original bottle your starting point is now from a 105.6ml bottle instead of the 120ml. But that’s as much :nerd_face: I can muster up at this moment

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Sorry I’m not trying to make this more confusing. Please disregard my last post :grin:

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You are correct. There is no “calculator” for spicing up you left juice.

You can house the elr calculator. To get the numbers worked out to be close.