How to change language back to English?!

The default language for the website randomly changed to what I believe is German and I don’t know how to change it back!!!
Thank god the forum section of the site is still in English or I wouldn’t even have been able to post this D:
Anyone know how to change the language?

Ermagerd Okay got it.

There was a little flag next to the drop down box labeled as “user” that switches between between whatever “DA” means and English… just in case anybody in the future has this same question lol. Here is your answer.

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This is on the main page where you create recipes, it is not in the forum section.

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heheh I had actual flags on there for a while, but it looked weird.

Glad you found your way back to English yourself :smiley:

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Danish, or maybe DAath? Definitely not German though. I’m surprised @daath didn’t ban you from the site for calling his language German!!! :grinning:


Well the term “German” I don’t think is accurate to describe a language, although it is commonly used here in the US. I spent a couple years in the Bavarian region of Germany and the language was called Deutsch, which I’ve always thought it where we Americans got the word Dutch from, and suspected that “dutch” speaking countries were very similar with their languages, kind of like latin speaking countries.Sorry, I’m not really making a point here am I? I’ve got the flu today and can’t work, but I think the meds are making me a little loopy. :slight_smile:

They are Germanic languages, Duits is what we call German and is probably where you get the word Dutch from, though we don’t like to be compared to Germans, don’t know why… :grinning:
We have a province called Friesland that have been wanting independence from the rest of the Netherlands, they have their own language, Fries, it’s not a dialect but another Germanic language.

[quote=“SthrnMixer, post:6, topic:27511”]
the meds are making me a little loopy.
[/quote]Great isn’t it :grinning:

Interesting. And I thought I had little chance of learning something today. Funny, I’ve had my misonceptions about Deutsch vs Dutch since 1983. Yikes.

Here in the US we have dialects. And while its true that the written word (English) should be universally understood, some here have such a strong accent I wonder if they can understand themselves. One trip to the Bayou in Louisiana proves that point. Sound like they got a mouth full of cotton and gum drops when they talk.

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We have those, only difference is that you only have to drive for about 10 minutes to end up in some backwater. That’s why we think it’s hilarious the Fries want to be an independent country, you won’t be able to find it on a map.

When the occasional regional program gets on mainstream tv they get subtitles. Our local hate monger Geert Wilders is from a place called Venlo, they get subtitled, which also causes a lot of derision since he’s always yapping about foreigners and integration. Well, derision from his opponents that is, not the people who think he’s the second coming. But then it has been suggested they all move to Venlo and we then give the place back to Belgium :grinning: