How to copy and paste to reddit?

Whenever I try to copy (Markdown Reddit) and paste a recipe to reddit ejuice sub, I always have to do a bunch editing before I can save my post. Is there a simple way to do this?

What are you editing? I just select “Copy as markdown (reddit)” - I can just paste that right in to reddit without editing it…

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It won’t let me do it on my phone. I’ll do it after work and show you my results when I get home

Nothing is copied on my phone at all (: Would better to just show a text box. But I don’t need to copy from the phone.

You’re right. Once I saved it, it posted properly. What I saw in post box was not formatted, but once I hit save then it’s formatted. Sorry for the mix up.

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None of the Copy As… Will work on my iPhone either.

A couple days ago @daath posted the iphone doesn’t has that capabiliy.


Thanks. I didn’t see that post. It’s too bad it doesn’t work.